5| His Girl

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——————————————————Archer smirked and leaned the side of his head on his fingers

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Archer smirked and leaned the side of his head on his fingers. He bit his pinky and looked at her timid curvy frame wrapped up in the sexy lingerie.

His dark eyes held no emotion in them besides danger, they were narrowed and intense and he knew that by staring at her she was becoming a squirming flustered mess.

He loved what only his gaze did to her. He looked at her legs shifting together slowly. She was rubbing for some relief, he was making her wet.

He snickered and she looked up at him, "w-what?"

"Nothing." His eyes dragged slowly over her body memorizing her curves and that maroon lace. "Straddle me." He mumbled out in his husky voice and met her eyes sternly.

She jumped a bit and looked at him with wide eyes.

He glared at her and she blushed. She parted her lips about to bite her lip but she caught herself.

He groaned thinking about what he would have done to Violet if she did.

She walked over shyly to him and awkwardly sat on his lap. She shakily put her hands on his shoulders and looked down to the side.

She was so stiff. He was too but in different places.

He grabbed both her thighs tightly and pulled her deeply into his hips. She gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck blushing deeply.

She relaxed against him and sighed softly lifting her gaze to his. He slid his hands slowly up to her hips and guided them down on his hard bulge.

She gasped and let out a little mew as her hot womanhood pressed into his hard wood.

She leaned her face into his neck and started grinding on him. Archer smirked as he felt her parted lips and soft hot moans graze his neck.

He groaned deeply from how aroused he was getting, his cock grew in his pants yearning to burst out and feel her.

He grabbed her hips firmly holding them, "stop." He gasped out slowly and looked up into her lustful eyes.

She whimpered and breathed hard for a moment. She stopped rolling her tempting hips and looked shyly into his eyes.

"I have to go tonight. Remember rule 7, now let's get you dressed for bed." He stood up holding her on his waist.

She wrapped her legs around him tighter before burying her head into his neck to let out a little moan and he seriously debated if he really needed to kill this person.

He grumbled and shook his head before walking into the closet. He picked out a baby pink button up pajama and some silk pink shorts to go with it.

He walked out of the closet and tossed them down on her bed. He dropped her gently to her feet and allowed her to get dressed.

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