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She's Mine by tryingtohide333
She's Mineby tryingtohide333
Talia and Jack have been friends since freshman year. Now 24, Talia has realized she is a sub and Jack a dom. Both are unaware of their lifestyles and their mutual feel...
Babysitter Bill by babygirl2dot0
Babysitter Billby babygirl2dot0
A seventeen year old girl with sass, attitude, and anger issues has to deal with her new babysitter. A 30 year old daddy dominant named Bill Skarsgard has to deal with...
Daddy help me by xxmayreadsxx
Daddy help meby May
Little one shots for some pleasure, please feel free to comment what you would like to see.
Niklaus One shots  by Heartfeltgirl019
Niklaus One shots by Haley Arroyo
A bunch of bdsm one shots of the original hybrid we all know and love. Your name is Atari Gray and your a werewolf. Will involve Rough sex Forced movement Knife play Bi...
∆ Tempted like Eve ∆ || Snape's new muse by Dariaculas_Honey
∆ Tempted like Eve ∆ || Snape's Dariaculas_Honey
A new school year in Hogwarts begins and Professor Snape discovers just the way to make it worthwhile... He has his eyes set on a vulnerable young mind to corrupt in a v...
Falling for him fast by princesslexi4531
Falling for him fastby princesslexi4531
Aurora is new in town moving into the great state of Texas. She's moved to what seems as a whole different planet compared to her home in California. Aurora is a person...
The room ( sadist levi x reader) by bakudeku_hell
The room ( sadist levi x reader)by Mac&Cheese
Levi always wanted to fuck you all night but one thing you didn't know about him was that he was a sadist . You see him in the street and he walks towards you. What do y...
My New Master by hardcorestuf
My New Masterby BDSM
Jenna reached 19 which is the age where girls of her status get sold at. She started her slave training at the age of 15 and since she was one of the best at her trainin...
When I Say So by iamafrie
When I Say Soby iamafrie
⚠️Warning⚠️ This story consists of sexual content and is for mature audiences. 18+ I look over where daddy is sleeping pondering on if I should go ahead and take the ris...
reader x partner (nsfw) by aizawas_kittycat23
reader x partner (nsfw)by big pimp daddy 🦾
All of these will be NSFW stories. I have no interest in writing sweet love stories. If that's what you're looking for, I highly suggest leaving now. I also have no inte...
Different type of love.  by littlebinkiebabyy
Different type of love. by Binkiebaby
This is a story consisting of a submissive and a dominant. (first time writing a story.)
Progress | DDLG | by smnsh19
Progress | DDLG |by smnsh19
Leah never thought she was gonna be a little! She never thought that a daddy is all that she would need. (Intro chapter says it all!)
Hard Kinks by tryingtohide333
Hard Kinksby tryingtohide333
Fall of Kim possible by warewase
Fall of Kim possibleby ᴡᴡᴡ
Kim possible fiction. Watch as the virtuous and prideful Kim possible slowly gets dragged into a a world of lust and debauchery by none other than her 2 rivals bonnie an...
The Avengers Submissive by jaimeejanealfa
The Avengers Submissiveby jaimeejanealfa
Jasmine was hired to be Tony Starks assistant but was actually agreed to be his and his team's submissive.
The Step Brother by Mazochistis
The Step Brotherby Mazochistís
"Perhaps you need a reminder?" he suggested as he rose to his feet. Andie sat back on her heels, her neck craning as her eyes remained on her stepbrother's. &q...
Daddy's little angel GxG by -angel-princess-
Daddy's little angel GxGby Madalyn_Dockery
This is a DDLG/CGL story between two girls it's going to be mostly romantic I think but there will eventually be sex scenes and there is a quite a bit of mentioning matu...
A day in the life (DDLB/non-sexual age-play fic) by blue-bunny84982
A day in the life (DDLB/ Cheshirechat
Charlie was horrified by the idea of being a Little, but when testing day comes, and his classification states his biggest fear has come true, he has no choice but to fa...
Vanix's erotica collection by vannniix
Vanix's erotica collectionby vannniix
A collection of short erotic stories I've written/ am writing. I do take requests as to what you want to see, so comment them
My daddy's Master  by Blackbunny_05
My daddy's Master by Vivian Letoka
Her life consisted of juggling two jobs and school since she moved to Snowville. Her life changed from simple and boring to spicy and hot when she met Sir. Little did sh...