19| Her Hideout

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Violet felt like she was walking around a loaded gun. Archer was tense and quiet, well he's normally tense and quiet but he wasn't getting close to her, like she was some kind of poisonous snake. He barely really spoke to her and his dark eyes looked like they were seeing through her into a different world.

Did she do something wrong?

"I'm gonna get some wood while you build the tent." She finally said not wanting to be in this uncomfortable silence anymore.

Their campsite was actually beautiful. It was right in the middle of small clearing with dense woods surrounding it, it overlooked a lake with a small waterfall pouring into said lake.

This experience would've been beautiful if not for the fact that less than two hours ago some mad man was trying to kill Archer and maybe her.

"No stay here, I can get it." He barked out as he got up from his kneeling position, the tent set up and ready.

"I got it, don't worry." She said raising an eyebrow.

"I can get it." He said through an annoyed voice moving towards her, a hard expression set on his stone features.

"Archer, I can manage getting some-" she started to say, moving towards the forest edge, when he grabbed her arm and pushed her back against a tree.

"Violet! I said I can get the fucking wood! You stay put, right here, and listen to me or-" Archer made a fist and clenched his jaw, he lowered his eyes before he slammed a fist into the tree above her head.

She flinched her eyes wide as his voice spoke lower this time, his eyes still set on anything but her gaze.

"Just...stay here." He panted lifting his eyes to
meet hers finally.

And my god they looked heavy. Just staring back into those forest greens hues felt like a weighted blanket was draped over her heart.

"Okay..?" he whispered out slowly pushing off the tree.

She'd never seen Archer like this. He looked drained, guilty even. For what? She didn't know. That startled her more than any scary man with a gun.

"Okay." She nodded softly.

Emotion was a rare thing to cross his eyes, each time it happened was like biting into a sweet fruit after a eating stale bread for your whole life.

A firefly that sparked only briefly in a starless sky.


Archer left, and didn't come back for thirty minutes.

Not until the sun was almost completely seeped into the cool horizon. Violet has set up the tent with the sleeping bag and pillow. There was only one of each so they'd have to make due.

He came back wordlessly, dumping an enormous pile of wood on the ground where he started to make a fire.

She watched carefully, finding peace in watching in hands work. Once the fire was started, the crackle and ripple of it kept the silence at bay.

"I...I uh. Do you have anything I can wear to bed? This outfit isn't really the most comfortable...and it's hot." She said carefully.

"Yeah, second pocket." He pointed behind him to his backpack without even looking at her, he just watched the fire.

With the orange flicker reflecting in his eyes, he looked ready to kill...

Violet turned away and sighed, grabbing his bag she dug through it to find what she was looking for.

There was only one thing in that pocket, a clean pair of boxers. She knitted her eyebrows together and held it up letting the bag drop.

She inspected it before looking at his back as he faced the fire.

Really? Couldn't of killed you to bring some sweats? She thought.

She couldn't really complain tho, it was better then jeans and a blazer.

She started to strip, taking her clothes off completely besides her lilac purple lace underwear. She slid on his boxers gripping the waist band when she turned around to find Archer staring at her.

She blushed under his intense gaze and cleared her throat, "Thank you. I really didn't want to sleep in those" She kicked her discarded clothes.

"You're welcome." He glanced up at the dark sky before looking back at her, "we should probably go to bed." He stood up brushing his jeans off.

"Right." She nodded, why was he being so cold towards her now? She didn't even do a damn thing and he was acting as if she didn't exist. Not to mention how he freaked out on her for wanting to get sticks.

This man was truly an enigma.

Archer sighed out sharply and pulled off his white t-shirt without much warning, leaving his chiseled chest on display for her viewing pleasure, and view with pleasure she did.

She watched as he took of he jeans leaving him in only his plaid boxers. His legs looked so strong and god his arms.

Violet blushed madly and almost forgot she was staring, he raised an eyebrow at her. She cleared her throat and jumped into the tent quickly getting into the bag and turning on her side. She didn't need to endure any awkward trying to move around each other.

She felt him enter the tent and shift into the bag silently next to her. Violet breathed steadily and kept her eyes close, if he wanted to be all cold and distant so could she.

She felt the warm presence of his body as he scooted in close to her, she tried her hardest not to melt into him. Archers hand came up and tickled the bare skin of her side, all the way up under her bra.

She parted her lips and squirmed slightly against his body, a small whimper leaving her lips as his hands explored her skin.

Ugh, you betrayed me body! She cursed at herself internally.

"Violet, look at me." He ordered softly.

On instinct she turned to face him, slowly letting her eyes open to meet his, and they weren't glassed over like before, they looked...kinda sad.

She sighed and softened into him, he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close to his chest.


"I don't want to talk...I- I can't...Just..."He sighed and looked down, the right words not leaving his soft lips.

Violet leaned her forehead against his and closed her eyes, his nose brushing against hers as she held his cheek. She let her thumb trace his lip as she looked into his eyes.

"You're my hideout...I feel protected when I'm with you. I don't know why those people attacked us but...I never felt unsafe for a minute Arch." She whispered out, her voice barely audibly.

Archer didn't need to hear or say anything else, his lips crashed down on hers and all her fears seemed to become smaller than the stars in the sky.

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