11| Her Need

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————————————————————The coldness exploded against the warmth of her tongue

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The coldness exploded against the warmth of her tongue. She gasped and let her eyes flutter closed as she enjoyed the sensation of the ice cube. She felt his tongue glide across hers making her heart stop and her pussy clench.

She felt like her lungs were going to collapse if she didn't breath enough of him in, like he was her only way to breath.

Which was crazy because he was literally sent to kill her and steal her final breath. Now here was stealing her breath in a different way. Violet couldn't deny how alive she felt, more alive then she had ever felt before as a trophy wife.

Archer pushed his hips down into her rolling his hard bulge over the delicate fabric of her panties. Her aching clit felt the slight touch and it made her gasp and fall deep into the cold kiss.

He stroked his tongue dominantly over hers claiming hers lips. The ice cube melted from the heat of their kiss. She broke the kiss gasping, her hot borrowed breaths escaping into the fresh air as her lips stung with need.

Archer looked deeply into her eyes before dragging them down her face and landing on her swollen wet lips. He lifted his hand and dragged his thumb over her sensitive bottom lip tracing it.

His touch burned into her and filled her with a desperate feeling. It made her heart rate quicken and her breath hitch in her throat. The feeling spread through her like a wild fire and she was prepared to do anything for him.

A man who was born to kill and probably would do it to her in the blink on an eye if she didn't want this anymore.

Still she was left utterly helpless to his touch. She wanted this more than her brain wanted to admit.

"Finish your drink and come up to my room. I'm not done with you."

"Yes sir." She breathed out trying to grind her hips into his aching bulge. The idea of leaving him right now shattered her heart. She wanted nothing more than for him to take her on the bench right here, right now.

He brushed her bangs to the side and brought his lips up to hers, they teasingly grazed hers leaving her wanting so much more. She arched her back and whines running her fingers through his hair quickly.

"And I want you wear what I put on your bed." His dark green intense eyes narrowed in on hers as he grabbed her chin roughly, "got it slut." He grabbed her small face in his hand and turned her gaze to his.

Her breathing caught in the back of her throat and she let out a small squeak. A dangerous smirk played on his perfect lips, the small white scar that was etched into them forever stretched with it.

"Words baby."

"Do I have to finish it...I'm not thirsty...for that. " She mumbled and wrapped her arms around him quickly burying her face into his neck where she breathed him in deeply. Her lips found his skin and she started to kiss him. Tracing her soft lips over the tattoos before nipping at them making him hiss. He tightened his grip on her and pulled her closer.

Her body hummed as Archer started to grind into her pussy. His throbbing cock through his slacks pressed eagerly into her reminding her how much he was holding back.

"What are you thirsty for?" He sat up knowing exactly what she wanted. Violet knew the lust and desperation was written all over her face.

She sank to her knees between his legs slowly and rubbed her hand up his hard bulge. He groaned under his breath and relaxed deeper into the bench looking down at her.

Her eyes met his with a fiery passion, her heart hummed in her ears and the eagerness was all over her features. Her button nose was blushed pink as her light greens eyes were almost as dark as his.

He chuckled and dragged a hand down her face to which her body subconsciously leaned into.

"My room." He spoke before standing abruptly and walking away towards the flourishing white gates. She panted and sat on the floor like a puddle melted from the intensity of him.


Violet ran her fingers frantically through her hair as she walked to her room. Her heart beat had calmed but the apple red blush on her cheeks and between her legs still burned.

The idea of him brought butterflies to her stomach...and he was her goddamn captor. When did she get so pathetic.

She walked into her room closing the door behind her. The window was open so the cool air kissed her cheeks and fanned across her face. She sighed softly before her eyes fell onto the clothes, well "clothes", laid out on the end of her mattress.

She put all her stuff on and looked herself over. It was super gorgeous. The bra was covered in a white sexy lace that traveled a bit down her ribs. There was a white ribbon that tied around her neck and hung over her collar bones. The panties where white with white ribbons on both hips and a garter belt went over that to hold up the lace stockings.

It was effortlessly sexy. It really pulled together her innocent aesthetic. She smiled to herself as her felt her confidence swell inside of her with a warm glow. She ran her hands slowly down her hips and over her thigh as she turned to the side to see her round ass in the mirror. She parted her lips and slowly and teasingly ran the tips of her fingers under her pantie line as a moan escaped her baby doll lips.

Her hair fell past her shoulder and her eyes were drowning in lust as images of archer flashed through her dirty mind. Her fingers found their way in between her lips and started to rub the wetness over her clit. She closed her eyes and gasped from the relief she felt shoot throughout her body.

She thought of archer underdressed and pounding into pushed her over. A heat pooped into her core and she nearly screamed. His hot abs glistening with sweat as he mumbled a string of curses flashed and her fingers ached to move faster.

But she was snapped from her fantasies when she heard a familiar deep voice that shook her bones.

"I don't understand why you take so fucking long, 20 minutes by the way, to get dressed then finger yourself, which is breaking a rule, when you could have had the real thing if you'd just hurry up pet." He growled out his dark eyebrows set into an impossibly sexy glare.


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