27| Her Unwanted Desires

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A/n: kidsssss come get y'all juice

____________________________________Archer was a drug

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Archer was a drug. Violet was convinced his fingers were laced with ketamine and his kisses were pure ecstasy on her lips. Every touch burned butterflies into her skin.

And when his tongue grazed hers the blood on the walls looked gold. It felt so right, so absolutely right with her back arching into his body and his hands possessively claiming every inch of her skin.

Her moans filled the rooms thick air as her mind screamed at her, reminding her of what she was.

Sex. Pure sex was what he crazed.

So baby take it, but mark Violet's words you'll only take that from her.

She looked up at Archer's angry smirk, she wanted to kick herself for thinking she saw some softness behind those hungry desire-filled eyes.

But she knew she was imagining it.

She reeled and pushed her head back into the bed whining as he pulled his dangerously tempting member from her mouth. The climax she so desperately craved ached slowly and painfully inside of her hot core, making a violent need for pleasure cloud her mind.

She reached up and hooked her tied hands over his neck slowly before pulling him quickly down onto the bed with her. She looked up at him desperately and licked a line slowly up his full lips.

Violet heard a low groan sound as she rubbed her wet pussy on the tip of his dick teasingly. The electric sensation spurting through her body quickly.

She gripped the back of his hair and whispered into his ear, "Fuck me."

"You'd like that huh? God look at you." He leaned back and pushed her down on the bed grabbing her chin roughly in his hands. "Acting like a filthy whore for this dick. Tell me. Tell me how much you want it."

Violet wouldn't give him the satisfaction of her begging, as much as her body wanted her to get on her knees right now and cry for him like a puppy.

She weakly shook her head and winced her eyes closed as his tip teased her sensitive entrance. Her body shaking as crave from release overwhelmed her edged body.

Archer narrowed his eyes down at her body and walked away quickly grabbing a short white rope. He put it between her bonded hands and tied them back onto the bed post so she couldn't move her hands.

"You're not gonna need those. I wanna see you as you fuck you senseless." Archer hissed out in his seductive gravelly voice.

Archer pushed her thighs back open, pining them down on the bed as he suddenly slammed all 9 inches into her slick pussy.

"You're so fucking wet, mmf yes." He moaned out.

The sudden pain shot through her and Violet yanked hard on her restraint. She screamed out a moan, the pain subsiding to pleasure as he pounded into her sensitive core.

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