23| Her Reservations

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"Harder, Violet..Harder"

"What do you mean Archer, I'm gripping the gun as hard as I can!" Violet huffed with frustration as she adjusted her sweaty grip on the hand gun. Her throat felt dry and her eyes couldn't focus on the target.

All she could see when she stared at the 2D target were those lifeless bodies mutilated in the foyer.

"I can't do this." she sighed and lowered the gun removing her finger from the trigger and turning to Archer's expressionless face, "its been 20 minutes and i haven't even shot a round yet."

Archer sighed and ran a hand through his thick black hair as he stared at the ground. His intense green eyes burning a hole in the concrete floors, "look babe, Its really not that complicated." He pushed off the wall and over to her.

"Turn around" His raspy voice sounded and warm sparks traveled down right between her legs. A crimson blush started to shade her cheeks and she mumbled out a curse and whipped around before he could notice.

Violet took a deep  breath and raised the gun shakily, using the flare of desire to push out the gruesome thoughts.

She felt Archers body move closer to her, the warmth from his large chest spilling into her. She sucked in a sharp breath and melted back into him, their bodies flush together.

"ill help." He whispered next to Violets ear, his hot breath filling her mind with dirty thoughts. She bit her lip and nodded as Archers strong hands slid slowly up her bare arms before wrapping his large veiny hands around hers on the handle.

Right now there was only one large veiny thing on her mind and it wasn't Archers hands.

"Now, just take a deep breath and look through the two metal prongs on the barrel, that's your sight" His deep voice filled her head, making her legs feel like butter and Niagara Falls spill between her legs.

Violet listened instantly and took a deep breath sliding her ass against Archers bulge. He groaned and pushed his hips into hers before guiding her finger too the trigger.

"Steady your breathing, so much so that you can barely hear it. Don't focus on the gun, Focus on your heart beat. Feel it and-"


Violet pulled the trigger and fired the bullet, jumping back in to Archers chest. He caught her and quickly took the gun from her putting it on safety. A moment of realization went by before Violet beamed with pride.

She jumped back and looked at him with a bright smile, "i did it! No way I actually just did that!"

Violet watched a cool smirk drift on to Archers lips as he nodded. He grabbed the loop holes in her jeans and quickly pulled her flush to his body. He stole the breath from her throat as he leaned in close, his lips practically grazing her own.

Her heart beat quickened and his hands gripped her hips pulling her against his hard cock. His bulge pressed into her, making her pussy throb and her skin tingle with desire.

"good girl, but i never told you to jump away from me."He groaned out as she caved and started circling her hips on him. The air in the musty room felt thick and hot making her cheeks heat up and her breath melt into hurried moans.

But as quickly as the room heated up, it went cold as two red words popped into her head.

Golden races

Violet took a deep breath and winced her eyes closed as the images burned fresh cuts behind her eyelids.

Archer immediately hardened his face and held her protectively, leaning back to look at her. "Is something wrong, are you okay?" He asked.

Violet knew she wasn't going to be okay unless she got answers. She sighed and looked up into his shattered glass-like eyes and said, "What are the golden races, Archer."

He immediately took a step back and gripped the gun, she watched the thick stone wall grow between them instantly, the air cold. As if the protective concern he had only moments ago didn't exist. She was a stranger.

"What are you talking about." He growled out looking to the side.

"Please don't do that to me, I'm just worried. You suddenly teach me how to use a gun after we see that message. This isn't a coincidence, Archer. I don't want to be scared all the time." Violet said, her voice leaking with pain.

"Well its nothing you have to worry about. This is my business, so stop trying to butt in at every second." His words where cold and miles away, daggers seemed to replace his eyes as he  looked at the wall.

"Nothing i have to worry about? I'm worried about you, Archer. There were at least 20 people murdered today.  What is so important about this race that you're acting like this?" Violet took a step closer to him in hopes he'd just look at her.

"Violet, you're testing me" Archer said through a clenched jaw, "I said leave it alone. Its nothing that concerns you so shut the fuck up about it."

"Obviously Its a big deal if the Invite is sent in blood and stamped with peoples lives. This "race" could be dangerous! I just-"

He finally met her eyes, the green hue looked black. "The only reason you're still breathing right now is because I want to fuck you. I don't care about what you think this race is." His word were snakes around her pale neck, constricting the warmth from her blood and turning it to anger.

"You're right, Forgive this measly whore for having an independent thought or giving a crap about you!" She willed the tears down and wore his snakes like necklaces.

"Watch your attitude with me, Violet, or you're gonna be punished" He grabbed her and swiftly had her pinned against the wall. Her small shrill body sandwiched between the cold concrete wall and his cold concrete heart. "Is that clear?"

She glared at him and sighed, hating how her heart still beat faster when she was close to him. But that wasn't enough to make her anger absolute right now though.



A/N: This chapter was written with my kitten laying on my chest. :o

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