38| His Haunted Discoveries

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____________________________A disgusting vermin crawled around Archer's inside, twisting him up full of guilt and panic

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A disgusting vermin crawled around Archer's inside, twisting him up full of guilt and panic. Violet wasn't with him, and he had no clue where she was.

He lost her. She was gone, and he was trying not to assume the worst. It was all his fault.

His head hung low as he thrashed around in the men's arms trying to break free to get back to her. He wouldn't stop fighting them, even if it was impossible, his body wouldn't allow him to rest until he held her again.

He yanked his arm from the grasp of one man and used it to quickly snap his elbow back in the mans face. It made him tumble to the ground but before Archer could use this to his advantage another man replaced him.

"Struggling is pointless reaper. I've known you long enough to know it'll take more than just two of my best guys to restrain and detain you...especially if you're fueled with so much primal instinct over the girl." He rolled his eyes as he led them down the hallway.

Archer made sure to pay attention to the route they were taking. Nathan's mansion was known for being a maze, and if he planned on escaping, knowing where he was going was vital.

"Where is she. What do you want from her?!" He growled out trying to not let the panicked snake constrict his thinking.

"What's not to want when you want her so bad." Nathan chuckled sickly sweet and led him through a door which revealed a staircase.

The lights got dimmer and the walls looked rotten as they went down.

"You have everyone fooled, Archer, that you are this heartless murder that kills anyone for cash no matter what. But I notice patterns; and you, my friend, are riddled with them." His snake like voice felt as if it was sucking up all the air in the room and wrapping its scaly body around his throat.

Before he could even respond, a large metal door was opened and he was thrown into a cell-like room. Archer jumped up from the cold floor and look at Nathan's face in the doorway.

"Now, you have show-stopping battle to fight for the finale; so get ready." He sneered and slammed the door, locking it tightly behind him.

Archer took a moment to scan the room. One exit, no windows, just a room full of old looking armor and barbaric weapons.

He sighed and ran a hand through is thick dark hair thinking about Violet. His mind was racing with only her. Archer hated how every one of his heart beats hurt in his chest. Not to mention he had no clue where or how Donavan was. Everything was out of his control and entirely his fault and he felt nearly sick because of it.

The only thing he could do was do what he did best. Fight. He had no other choice, it was his only ticket out of this cell.

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