4| Her New Rules

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——————————————————His green eyes narrowed at Violet and he smirked showing his white teeth, "perfect, that makes this less bloody

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His green eyes narrowed at Violet and he smirked showing his white teeth, "perfect, that makes this less bloody." He spoke in his twisted deep voice.

Watching this made Violet's heart rate quicken and heat spread throughout her body. She looked at his smirking lips with wide eyes and a blush before quickly looking back into his eyes.

Okay what the fuck, I'm having a stroke over a crazy assassin.

She clenched the fabric of her dress into a fist on her lap. "L-less bloody?" She gulped.

"Oh was I gonna kill you of course. But now," he stood up and leaned down over her. He ran a hand under her chin tilting her face up close towards his.

"I'm going to make you submit to me." He winked and she swore her heart stopped. She blushed deeply and stared into his eyes slightly terrified and majorly turned on by the man.

"Now, go find your room and stay there for the night. You'll need your rest for tomorrow. Dessert will be brought up to you." He said dismissively and stood up walking away from the table.

"What's happening tomorrow." She said curiously and stood up quickly turning after him.

He stopped and smirked over his shoulder at her, "whatever I want."


Violet sighed and brushed her bangs to the side, she went to tuck them behind her ear but the short locks bounced back over her forehead.

She walked over to her room and raised an eyebrow curiously as she peaked up at the large dark oak wood door.

She opened it up to find a dominantly white and gold room. The room was extravagant and fancy. There was a chandelier that hung down from the center and a large bed with the finest bedding.

Her lips parted slightly as she gasped and ran her hands over the plush pillows softly.  The bed frame was gorgeously done with meticulous detail and the whole room looked elegant.

It was a fit for a princess.

She walked over and closed the door before heading over to the closet curiously. She opened it to find it filled with clothes exactly her size.

She wandered deeper into the closet and found in the back a whole section dedicated to very delicate and sexy laces. The racks were filled with lingeries and other...props.

Violet bit her lip and ran her fingers along the soft fabrics. Out of curiosity she grabbed one of the rack.

It was a lace maroon color and had a garter belt with it. It's lace bra and panties looked gorgeous and the large bows on the hips of the panties was adorable. There was also a bow in the center of the bra and little heart over the nipples subtly stitched into the lace.

She loved it.

She decided no one was going to be coming up so why the hell not.

She took off her dress and undergarments in the closet and put on the maroon lingerie. She looked around for a pair of high thigh tights till she found a pair of sheer black ones.

She slipped them on and then attached them to the garter belt.

She walked out of the closet and stood in front of the mirror running a hand down her side.

She didn't know how to be sexy so she stood in front of the mirror timidly messing the straps and playing with her hair awkwardly.

She went to put a hand on her hip hesitantly in attempt to pose when a deep voice spoke up behind her.

"I see you dug your curious little nose into the closet."

She gasped and jumped around to see Archer by the door holding a tray of gelato. He set it down on the dresser and took a step towards her.

She bit her lip bottom lip wrapping her arms around her curvy body. She looked down shyly and timidly taking a step back against the mirror.

"Violet, you remind me of a curious bunny." He grabbed her chin and pushed it up quickly to meet his narrowed eyes and sly smirk.

"And I'm the sly fox. Always so scared of me."  He whispered into her ear before slowly moving to her lips.

His hand slid down to her neck grabbing it. She whimpered and shivered slightly under his touch her body lighting on fire.

She sighed out as he captured her bottom lip between his teeth and pulled it out of her mouth. His eyes gazing deeply into hers making her a mess on the inside. She moaned out quietly and looked back with her wide eyes.

She felt like an absolute puddle and if it weren't for the mirror she was leaning up against her jelly legs would've collapsed.

"Stop with the lip biting, it drives me crazy." He whispered against her lips before pushing away from her. "Or I'll punish you."

"P-punish me?" she leaned up and held her hands over her body uncomfortable with how exposed she was.

"Yes, for breaking my rules. Also, never cover yourself. Ever." She dropped her hands slowly as he stared at her body. "You look fucking irresistible, and if it wasn't for the fact that you are ignorant to exactly what your dealing with I would have you screaming already." He groaned out and met her eyes slowly as he sat down on a chair in her room.

She held her arm behind her back and twisted her foot into the soft throw rug. Her blush was crazy on her face and she avoided his eyes so it wouldn't grow.

"I think it's a perfect time to go over your rules." He said his voice dripping in amusement.

"My rules?" She looked up curiously raising her eyebrow.

"Yeah. 1. Never disobey me. 2. You will not show me attitude. 3. Don't bite your lip." He gave her a look making her shuffled on her heals and blush.

"4. Don't lie to me. 5. Never argue with me. 6. You have to ask me before you cum or touch yourself. 7. Wear every bruise or mark with pride. 8. Remember who you belong to. 9. The correct response to most things is 'yes sir'. 10. Use manners. 11. Answer only to me. 12. You wear what I want you to. 13. Don't wear panties unless I tell you to. 14. No cursing. 15. I will take care of you. 16. I can add rules at any time. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

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