16| His 2am snack

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~gun warning~

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His calloused large hands grabbed her curvy hips and pulled her onto his lap. He growled deeply, pure sex radiating off him as he stared into doe like eyes.

She gasped softly and straddled his hips, sitting deeper on his impressively large bulge.

"No one bothered you right?" He said his voice husky and low.

She shivered slightly as his hand slid under her dress, tracing his fingertips over the delicate skin down her spine.

She nodded softly her face flushed as he buried her face into his neck, leaving eager kisses over his tattoos.

He tightened his grip hard on her ass slamming her back hard on on the seat. He moved between her legs brusquely grinding down on her black lace panties.

Violet arched her back and let out a pleasured moan as his bulge rubbed her in all the right places. A lusty smile appearing on her lips.

"you're going to be screaming for me till you can't talk tomorrow." His hand went to her throat tightening ever so slightly, "Mark my words, my name will become a curse word to you baby." He groaned into her ear.

His stern seductive gaze connected with hers, the intensity and unspoken words spread like wildfires through the car. Archer watched her, his eyes flicking down to her lips before he let out sigh and crashed his lips onto hers.

Her hands traveled over his muscular back, small whimpers of pleasure leaving past her lips and on to his.

Her sounds tickled his skin, made shivers spread all over his body.

Shivers? Shivers.

Archer didn't get shivers even in below zero weather with nothing but a flannel on.

He kissed her with a hunger, a need for the taste of her lips, for her legs wrapped around his, for the sound of her lust filled moans and her hot breath.

His hands moving slowly up the curve of her side, nothing else in the world mattering but the need to slam his cock deep inside her

Then shots. Four of them.

The bullet proof glass cracked threatening to burst.

In a moment he broke from his world and grabbed Violet in his arms turning his back to the window shielding her with his body. His arms tight around her as he ducked down.

Violet screamed as more shots rang and the windshield shattered, the glass broke all over him.

There was only one thought in Archers head, 'keep her safe.'

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