17| Her Off Day

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"Chuck Bass is totally sexy Donny I have no idea what you're talking about

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"Chuck Bass is totally sexy Donny I have no idea what you're talking about." Violet said while brushing pink nail polish on Donavan's nails.

Let's just say she was "girl time" deprived, and Donny was even better company to Violet than a group of gossiping woman.

"I'm not denying the mans level of "sexiness" I'm just confused as to what his relationship is with the female." He responded raising a curious but compliant eyebrow at what she was doing to his fingers.

"Oh Blair? Chuck and her hate each other." She said with a nod.

"But they just had sex in the back of that limo?"

"Mhm! They also love each other." She said like it made perfect sense.

"Right....naturally." He gave up trying to understand, instead turning his attention to her.


"Yes dear."

"What was your life before Archer? How did you two even meet? Do you miss your old life?" She asked firing off a bunch of questions.

He took a moment, Violet watch his wise features ponder briefly over what to say.

"Violet this is now my life, whatever I had before this isn't important to me anymore. As to how me and archer met and how I got to where I am today I'm not allowed to disclose." He answered.

"Archer won't let you?" Violet puffed out her bottom lip when she didn't get the answers she wanted.


"Well what about your old life, there has to be one thing that's still important to you from your then. Can you tell me about that?" She fluttered here eyes are him hopefully.

He chuckled his mustache wrinkling into a smile, "I suppose but it's not a happy one."

"Why." She frowned, "did you have a wife."

"I did yes."

"Well what was her name."

"Oksana, it means most beautiful woman in Russian, and oh my..." his sentence went unfinished but the glimmer in his eyes told Violet everything she needed to hear.

"You loved her? Well what happened." She said sitting up.

Donavan smiled happily, not a hint of pain or sadness in his eyes, "Thats a story for a snowy day, not this beautiful one." He said placing a soft hand on violet cheek before standing up.

"I must go now...and wash this off...by the way pink is not my color." Donavan left closing the door softly.

Violet laid on her back and her mind wandered to Archer.

She wondered where he was, Violet knew he was home but she had been busy with Donavan.

She decided she'd find him, she had an idea anyways

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