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Hello everyone! The world is in a very difficult time right now. With schools closing, most jobs closing, and social distancing. It saddens me to see people suffering with this virus no matter what age or health concerns. I know a lot of people are bored, don't know what to do with their time, and even stressed about income. I know for me reading books and getting lost in a story keeps me busy and distracted from these dark times right now. So I'm going to make it my goal to update as often and frequently as possible for you guys to keep your minds busy and worry free for at least a little bit. It's not much and I wish I could help more directly or effectively, but I think this is the best way I can help. I hope everyone and their families are healthy, I know one of my family members was diagnosed with cancer this year so I'm especially worried for him. But I'm keeping a positive mind set and doing what I love to keep my spirits high and my mind busy. Remember to wash those hands and keep em' away from your face! Enjoy the updates. ❤️

Stay healthy,

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