30| His Demons

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~mature content warning~

____________________________________Archer was reeling as the words spilled out of his mouth with black ink seeping through his meaning

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Archer was reeling as the words spilled out of his mouth with black ink seeping through his meaning.

His mind was a battlefield, screaming so loud, it started to bleed into ringing as the horrific memories spurred up with sharp knives.

His hands shook slightly and he felt his vision narrowed in on darkness. Words he never thought he would've been able to utter.

Words he hasn't spoken since the night.

Black claws felt like there were crawling at his mind, slashing open calluses that oozed an ugly green goo.

Thick and viscous.

That burned.

Until among the battlefield he felt the sun.

Violets hands reached forward and grabbed his shivering ones as he stared a hard murderous gaze on the floor.

He looked up into her warm green eyes, the sun glittering behind the emerald city that resides inside of them.

He sighed as the dark demons inside of his mind, whistling disgusting memories and ideas, seemed to finally be still and quiet as she settled onto his lap.

Violet's hands slid up his muscular and scarred arms slowly till they reached to cup his face.

Archer couldn't describe the feeling that bubble welcomingly up in his throat but he was talking.

"I watched a man kill my family. When I was 6 years old, hidding-" He cleared his throat and looked down, "I was hiding under the couch. Since then." His gaze, dangerously soft for her, locked with violets.

"I vowed to kill till I killed the man that took the lives of my family. I've been trying to find him." Archer spoke softly as he wrapped his arms around her small waist pulling her flush to his body.

For first time in his life he's said his desire out loud. And for the first time has he felt guilt and shame that his life has focused on this.

Violet frowned and simply, without words, she wrapped her delicate arms around him in a warm embrace.

Archer felt out of the breath at her touch. His mind was blank, and the voices were quiet, all he could hear was the beating of her heart.

"Archer, hearts are too fragile to be covered in revenge. Revenge seems to make them stronger but it only succeeds in making them weak." She leaned back slightly and looked at him intimately close "And yours is too beautiful."

Archers breathing hitched and he grabbed violets face pulling her in close to him. His mouth grazed hers as frantic breaths left both of their gentle lips.

"I have been and called many things in my life, but beautiful, was never one of them." Archer whispered and slowly pinned her back on the bed.

"But you Violet, are beautiful." He mumbled against her skin as his hunger drove his lips along her jaw and down her neck.

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