1| His Job

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——————————————————Archer Stark entered the large Ball room in a tailored black suit and good intentions written on his face

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Archer Stark entered the large Ball room in a tailored black suit and good intentions written on his face.

But on the inside he was filled with demons, terrible things that you don't want to see.

He blended in with the crowd and looked around the room for a specific person. He knew he wouldn't have trouble finding her, because everyone here was also looking for Violet moon.

The perfect woman.

Perfect husband, perfect life, perfect looks.

Archer called bullshit on that.

But regardless he was here to kidnap and kill her. He could give zero fucks about the people around him, he was void on the inside.


No one knew what he looked like, no one knew his name, and everyone that did was dead five minutes later. People that hired him for his services knew him as Reaper.

He moved to the stairs and walked up the second floor where a balcony lined the top of the room, overlooking the main floor. He stayed up there and observed, waiting.

His eyes narrowed as he scanned over people, a couple minutes later he saw a pair of perfect legs strutting through the doors.

He followed up the body and cream colored dress to find the the beautiful face with blond hair and bangs. Her eyes were wide and curious and her lips pouty and tempting.

He narrowed his eyes and let his hand run down his coat jacket feeling his pistol tucked into his pants.

He walked back down the steps and watched as Violet was accompanied by her husband.

I have to get her when she's alone. He thought subconsciously I himself.

People around the couple whispered. Girls glared with jealous eyes and men looked at her with longing glances. But Archer was just looking at her wondering what he was going to use to kill her.

He stayed on the outskirts of the party observing her nonchalantly. He floated around the party like ghost, no one took notice to him, he was invisible.

Good assassins and psychopaths usually were.

Finally Violet excused her self to get a drink, Archer hopped on the opportunity quickly.

He followed her keeping his eyes trained on other things in the room as to not look like he was chasing her down.

When she walked up the bar, Archer sauntered up next to her.

"Ma'am, did you drop this?" He held up a tube of nude lipstick. Archer pushed some emotion into his face and nodded to it.

"Oh! I didn't even realize I did." Her soft lips formed an 'o'and she looked down at the tube then back up at him.

She didn't drop it, he was just incredibly good at his job.

"Thank you." She sighed out and took the makeup from him. "My names Violet Moon."

"Max Corbin." He stuck out his hand and she gently took it with her delicate grip, "pleasure to meet you." They shook hands.

"Ditto. So are you enjoying the party so far?" She asked and leaned on her hand looking at him.

"I would enjoy it more if you'd dance with me." He smirked smoothly and put out a hand for her.

She raised an eyebrow and smiled shyly, "oh I don't know my husband-"

"It's a dance, Mrs. Moon, I'm not asking to deflower you." He chuckled and narrowed his eyes slyly at her.

The woman blushed about as red as a rose and her eyes went wide, "o-oh I didn't..." she bit her lip and took his hand. "Let's dance."

Another classical song played as he guided Violet to the floor. He could tell why everyone was so obsessed with her, she was beautiful and perfect.

Well, obviously not perfect enough because someone wanted her dead.

Archer pulled her close to him and wrapped his arm around her waist the other holding her hand to the side.

He danced slowly with her staring deeply in to her eyes, for some reason her blush was still prominent on her face.

"So Mr. Corbin, what do you do for work?" She asked innocently.

Well, I murder and torture people, and usually with a smile on my face. Modest work really. Was his real answer.

"I work for my fathers company in Britain, I'm taking it over next spring actually. But, I much more enjoy dancing with lovely girls like yourself Mrs. Moon." He smirked making her giggle to herself and sigh, "and you?"

"Well, I'm a full time wife to Alex Pawn." There was something lackluster and dull with her answer. Her eyes empty, and her face fell for a millisecond before returning to her natural beautiful smile.

But her eyes stayed empty.

Archer mindlessly guided the dance over towards more a secluded part on the dance floor, right next to an empty hall.

"Mrs. Moon-" he started to say

"Please call me violet" she interrupted.

"Violet..." he smirked, "do you have any passed loved ones?"

She thought about it for a moment, "I do, why?"

"Well, say hello to them for me." he said in and sinister voice and before she could even comprehend what he said he reached into his jacket and pulled out his pistol pressing it discreetly into her abdomen where no one could see.

Her eyes widened and she let out whimper, "don't move or scream or ill shoot you. Walk with me calmly to that hallway."

She did, she turned with him and walked into the empty hallway. Her face shattered with fear as he pressed the cold gun into her side harder.

She winced her eyes shut and started breathing frantically.

He grabbed a syringe from his pocket and uncapped it quickly slamming it into her smooth perfect neck. She went to scream but her covered a hand over her mouth and shot the cold liquid into her neck.

A second later she gasped and went limp into his arms.

"Goodnight Violet." The emotion drained from his face and he put his gun back into his jacket along with the needle.

Picking her up bridal style he walked down the hall and through an emergency exit.

He looked down at her peaceful beautiful face and something struck inside of him.


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