"Yeah mom?"

"Tomrrow's Friday."

"I knew that." I say dumbly.

"Be careful."

"It's not my first time mother."

"Where's Cole?"

"He's with Drew and Adam and myself.

" Every things under control."

Okay I'll take your word for it. Love you "

"Love you too mom"

"Robert says hello to you and your brother." She tells me but I'm not too found of my Step dad so i pretend not to hear it her and hang up.

"Who was that?" Cole asks me.

"Mom." I respond.

"She doesn't know I'm drinking with you does she?"

"Do I look like an idiot to you?" he shakes his head. He's too wasted to realise that was sarcasm

 "Courtney is staying with us with weekend." He groans.

"Why can't she stay with Britt?" "Because mom and Brittany are going to pick out places for wedding." i say with a sigh. I still didn't think it was a good idea for my sister to get married to that tool. He was a player, like my self, in high school. Not saying that people can't change,but i just have a feeling that he has not.

"Why do you have to sound so disappointed about having your little sister here for one freaken weekend."

"I'm not. you don't have to be a D-I-C-K about it."

"Yes i do, if you're going to act like a D-I-C-K, ill treat you like one." i snap back at him. Then Adam asks "Why are you guys spelling things?"

I look over at my brother and we both start laughing. "Am i missing something here?" Adam asks totally confused.

Cole starts to explain." We don't want the baby to pick up on what we say, So we spell out things she does'nt hear us."

"We just didn't realize that she is'nt here, i guess" I say after.

"Man, she is the best thing in my life." I say out loud "That does not mean get Kesley pregnant.." i say looking at Drew.

"Stop being a D-U-C-K please Shane, i can take care of my self. Drew says and i can tell i should probably cut him off, but i wont.

"Okay Drew I'm sorry I'll stop being a duck." I say making fun of him. "Is that what i spelled?" He asks while setting his head on the table.

"You've always been a really sucky speller." i say teasing him. "And you've always had sucky eyes." He says as a comes back with four more drinks.


My head was pounding. I was hungover fortunately, I actually only stay "hungover" for like three hours tops, after that i start to feel better. Unlike Drew, who can stay hungover for three days depending on how much he drank. I roll over to my back and realize I'm not in my room. What the heck? It actually took  me a  minute to realize that I'm in my brothers room. How I ended up here i won't ever know but what i do know is there's someone sleeping next to me and i have no clue who it is.That worries me. Did i invite someone else over last night? Was Hannah next to me? Most important thing to me was if i slept with the person who I'm next to. The blanket was covering her face so i had no clue who it was. I didn't want to act like i had no idea who it was even if that was true. I don't want to seem like someone who gets drunk and has sex with the first person he see's, which is the way i was at Cole's age. I did'nt want to go back and the only thing keeping from it was my daughter. She is the most important thing in my life now. I'm being extremely selfish about Hannah. What is Claire going to think. Okay yeah, shes only three but still i don't want to mess with her head. Holy crap what if she calls Hannah mom. Does she even know that word? I'm sure kids use it in the preschool she goes to. But i could'nt help but think I've never used the word mom in front of her unless i was talking to my own mother.

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