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Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter more than anything in the whole world. But sometimes i need a night to my self and that was tonight. I was totally ready to get wasted, I'm already buzzed and it feels good. I have'nt had a night like this in way too long. It was'nt like we were going to run out or drinks or anything. Since i already had some, Kelsey brought some over, Plus Adam had some that he brought over too. Which worries me a little because god knows how many times him and Cole have gotten wasted. I didn't want to think about it. I look over at Cole and i can already tell he's had more then just one beer. I was'nt going to bitch at him tonight about it since i wasn't even sober enough to yell at him anyway.

"Cole how many have you had?" I asked him to see if he'd lie to me. "Three" he says turning away from me. "Watch it." is all i feel like saying to him

I was talking to he guys when my phone starts to ring. Shit. It's my mother, out of everyday she could pick to call of course it would be this one. I answered knowing that was a bad idea. My mom had already called me when i spent the night at Hannah's and i never called her back.

"Hello?" I want to sound as sober at possible.

"Shane?" She asks.

"Yes, mother you did call my phone after call."

"Shane I don't like your tone with me. Just because you're a parent does not mean you can be disrespectful to me. Do you understand?"

"Yeah mom." My words start to sound slurred together.

 "Have you been drinking?" She asks me.

She doesn't sound happy about it either.

After a moment of silents she says " Shane Alexander Cooper, you don't have to lie to me." She sounds disappointed.

"Yeah Mom, I've had a couple drinks." I tell her not lying but not saying the whole truth.

"Where's the baby? Is she with you? So help me Shane I will come pick her up myself."

"Mom do you honestly thinkI'm that stupid?"

She does'nt answer.

"Was there a reason for this phone call or did you call to bitch at me?"I'm really skating on thin ice by saying that, actually can't believe even said that to my own mother.

If i was with Cole or my dad  I probably would have gotten smacked in the back of the head or something, but its not like i don't deserve it. "Mom i didn't mean that." I try to make it better.

"You are just like your father when he drinks."When she mentions my dad I stiffen. My dad and I  don't get along anymore.


"Oh right, Well i need you to watch Courtney this weekend. You're going to have to pick her up from school Friday."

"Okay. Fine. I'll see her on Friday."

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