My life is finally getting back on track. I have Noah back and I can finally not have to worry about her finding someone else. I can't believe I almost lost, I wont ever do that again.

I can't believe my sister just got married. It's like a second ago she was begging me to use my face so she practice make up on me. Then I blinked, gosh I need to stop blinking. I look around me and see that everyone is having a good time and my sister is having the time of her life with her new husband. I'm happy for her. Some day Noah and I are going to have that.

I'm glad to see that Shane was dacning with Hannah, I'm not sure where they are now but they looked insanly hapy while they were on the dance floor.

"Have you seen Shane?" Courtney asks me because Claire is screaming in her arms.

"Daddy!!!!!! DADDDYYYY!!!" Claire screams at the top of her lungs, clearly she's overly tired.

"Give her here." I say and is still crying but she's not screaming anymore. Noah stands up and we walk out of the noisy party room with the baby, I grab my coat jacket and wrap Claire in it and the three of us walk outside into the hall way.

"Is that your brother?" Noah asks and I look up and turn my head and sure enough, I see Shane sitting on a bench with his arms resting on his legs and keeping his head up. He looks stressed out or worries or something. But before I can think about what happened Claire see's him and starts screaming again

"Daddy!!! Daddy!" And I have to put her down so she can run over to him. He gives her a faint smile as he picks her up and sets her in his lap.

"I'm going to go talk to him." I say and Noah nods her head and walks back into the dance hall.

"Hey, why are you out here?" I say and sit down next to him.

"It's loud in the ball room, it was giving me a head ache and I just wanted some quiet." He explains and sets Claire on the floor and crawls back up on his lap.

"So, Hannah looks good." Once I mention Hannah's name Shane goes pale. Maybe she's moved on.

"She always looks good."  He whispers and I look down at my feet.

Before anyone can say anything else, our step-brother walks in. "There you guys are! Come on, it's time for Shane to give his toast!" He rushes out the door calling out that he found us.

I see a small smile creep onto Shane's face and we stand and head back in the ball room. Every one claps as soon as they see us walk in. My brother grabs a glass of champagne and walks to the front stage.

"Well I know most of you but, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Shane, the bride's younger and best brother." Shane takes a pause so that crowd can laugh once they were finished he picks his speech back up. "Jesse and I have know each other for a long time and we have't always gotten along but I love my big sister and I would do anything to see her happy so I am glad she married him, someone was going to have to. Now, Brittany and I use to be very close and I want to share a story from our childhood with you, well it's more like our teenage years. When Brittany was a senior I was a freshman. And we were both going to the welcome back dance with our friends. Well I needed a ride to my friends house and Brittany told me I was annoying and she wasn't going to do it, so being the twisted younger brother I was I put orange hair dye in her shampoo. People called her goldfish for about two months. And Brit, I'm sorry for that. I love you. To the happy couple!"

Shane wrapped up his toast and the crowd went crazy with laughter. It was a great story and I have the perfect one to follow, but the only thing is I hate speaking in front of other people. I watched as Shane comes back and picks up Claire and she runs on the stage and Shane brings her close to microphone and she says, "Love auntie be-be" the crowd does an 'awww' as she hides her face in Shane's chest and they walk off stage and my brother gives me the signal for me to go up on stage.

I nervously walk up and see Noah in the audience and it makes me feel more comfortable. I clear my throat and begin to speak. "Well it's going to be hard to follow just a cute toast but uh, I'll try." The crowd does a low chuckle and I start to loosen a little more. "I'm Cole, the brides other younger brother but I'm much cooler then Shane." I give a small wink and I hear some more laughter. "Brittany, I'm so happy for you and Jesse and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful life and make pretty little cousins for Claire to have. As my brother before me, I have a story about Brittany as well. When I was born Brittany was really upset because she wanted a sister, who could blame her? She already had a brother. So she use to dress me up in dresses and paint my nails and practice doing make up on me, and our dad would get so furious with her every time that she would only do it when he was at work. She was painting my nails bright pink once and she ran out of nail polish remover and she didn't want to get in trouble with our dad so she told him that I was really sick and I needed to go to the hospital. I was a child, I believed her and started freaking out and called 911 poor Britt got in so much trouble I'm still shocked that she isn't still grounded. But everything like that is behind us now and lets hear it for the bride and groom!" I shouted and the crowd shouted with me and I told my younger sister to come up on stage and she run up.

"I'm Courtney and I'm Brittany's younger sister. Be-be I love you so much and I can't wait until you guys have a baby so I can play with it every day! I love you both so much and I thank you for everything you taught me. Like how to get Shane to do things for us when he says he won't, or how to get Cole to give me a few dollars here and there, how to paint nails, how to act around guys. And I was so sad when you moved out! But I'm really happy for you and I love your new apartment it's really cute. Alright! Have a happy life together!"

Courtney raised her glass of apple cider and the crowd starts cheering once again. A few of Brittany's friends come up and then Jesse's family gave their speeches as time went on and everyone started dancing once again until it was time for wedding cake.

"I love weddings." Noah says and she comes and places a piece of cake in front of me. I give her a small peck and start digging in to what looks like chocolate cake.

"They'er okay, a lot of work and stuff." I say nonchalontly.

She rolls her eyes at me. "I think they'er fun. You're such a boy sometimes."

"Yeah but I'm your boy." I give her a small wink. "Do you know what's up with Shane and Hannah? I saw you talking to her earlier today."

"No, but she's acting really strange. I don't know. Maybe they got into another fight or something."

 A slow song comes on and I put my fork down and stand up, "Dance with me beautiful." I say and she blushes and takes my hand and I lead her to the dance floor. I bump into someone and I turn around to apologize but it's Logan, I haven't seen him or Adam all night.

"Hey man, where's Adam?"

"Take one guess." Logan rolls his eyes at the mention at Adam.

"Banging some chick in the bathroom?" Noah spits out before I can anything.

"Hey! He's probably in a closet, he's got more class then a bathroom." I say smiling ay both of  them.

"He's actually in the changing room, but you guys were close." We all start to laugh.

"He's got to be careful, doesn't want to end up like Shane." Logan says taking a sip of his champagne.

"Drinking?" I'm shocked

"One glass won't kill me. It's a wedding for God's sake. Go dance with your woman lover boy." He pushes on the dance floor and I start to slow dance with the woman I love.

Hey, maybe I do like weddings.


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