Hey guys :) i wrote chapter 3 this morning and its not that great but all stories have a few lame chapters right? lol Hope so. And im Hoping you guys are Likeing this. if ANYONE has ideas share with me!! i would love to hear them




"Shane  Ineed to tell you something" Brittany said uneasy

"Why did you scream? Did u see a spider or something" I said teasing her.

"Um, well i did see somthing" she look off this was weird.

"What are you talking about Britt? You acting really weird," I said starting to get weary myself.

"I. . . I. . . walked in on Cole and Missy" she blurted out.

I couldn't believe what I have just herd. I knew what she meant, she didn't even have to say it. I knew what it was.  "I'm going to kill him." I yell. Right as my head is throbbing and spinning in circles, Cole walks through the door. He looked pale. Really pale. As if he has almost died.  He was scared, I could tell. Why shouldn't he be? Cole should be scared, very scared.

"You broke the rules." I said not knowing what else to say

"I know." he says quietly looking at the ground.

"You are not allowed to see her anymore." saying it even though i don't mean it

"You cant stop me Shane. Stop trying to act like your some tough bad ass parent! You aren't!  You want to know what you are? Do you? Shane Taylor Cooper you are nothing but a no good town screw up who doesn't know how to be a father. That's what you are Shane and i don't think you will ever be anything else."

After he yells that at me he stomps off into his room but not before he manages to knock over and break my lamp. I'm just glad Claire was with Brittany when it happened. I hated when she saw us fight because more times then not it got physical. Which is something I'm not proud of.I set the table and try and keep my mind off of what my brother had said to me. It hurt what he said mostly because he knew i was trying to do my best for Claire and him. Maybe it was true. Stop thinking about it i reminded my self over and over again. My mind just kept wandering back to what he had said. The oven beeped for me to take the chicken out. I made every ones plates and called for dinner.No one really talked at dinner. Not that i was excepting them to.Brittany finally breaks the silents

"Iv got some news" She says smiling

"Um Britt last time you had some news it didn't go over very well" i say as Cole glares at me

"Shut up." she says as i roll my eyes

"Dude just let her talk." Cole says to me so i kick him under the table, i miss and i hit a chair which falls backwards knocking over the same lamp Cole already broke.

"Smooth move dumb ass." Cole says to me

"Guys come on knock it off." Brittany says quietly and the excitement in her voice is gone.

"Im sorry Britt go head tell us your news." Cole says to her

" I'm getting married!" Cole starts to choke on water while i remain speechless.

"m m-married. What do you mean married?" i say watching my brother and making sure hes ok

"I mean the married like the whole white dressthing. Married!" she says excited

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