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<3 Quinn

I lied. I lied. I lied. What was basically the only thing going through my brain right now. If Shane found out that i wasn't a virgin I would lose his trust and he would kill me for lying to his face. I don't know why I did it. It just sort of happened. I look over at my bed, Courtney must have gotten up already to get ready for school. I managed to avoid Shane all weekend but it was Monday now. He would be home all week and I can't even look at my brother without feeling so guilty. It's driving me nuts. My alarm clock starts to go off with it's annoying little beeps. One after another driving me crazy. Beep beep  beep. I can take it anymore! I stand up and pull the cord out of the wall and throw that damn thing back on the floor and crawl back into bed.

I must have passed back out since I wake back up to Shane rocking my bed so i"ll wake up. "Cole, It's seven thirty, Get up." He says to me. I open my eyes and see my brother standing at the foot of my bed holding Claire. The're both all ready to leave, Shane must be opening the shop this morning."Do I have to go." I say muffled through my pillow and blankets, " Yes, you weren't there on Friday so you have to" He tells me. "Fine." I say flatly.

School. I hate school. I thought to my self as I throw on clothes. I decide to wear a Blue flannel with black jeans with my black sneakers, I go into my bathroom to brush my teeth but Courtney is taking her sweet time getting ready. "Get out." I yell through the door as I pound on it. She comes out of the bathroom, looks at me and says " t's not my fault you woke up late." as she rolls her eyes at me. Once she walks passed me I flick her in the back of the head. "OUCH! SH-." I cover her mouth with my hand so she can't tell Shane. "Don't tell Shane or else. Understand?" I whisper to her. She glares at me. "Dammit!" I whisper so Shane doesn't hear me cursing. "Did you bite me?" I ask her after I let go or her. "What's going on back here?" Shane asks us. "Nothing." Court and I say at the same time. He rolls his eyes at us. "Have either of you seen my glasses?"  I shake my head while Courtney says no. " I can't go to work without them." He says as he rubs the back of his head. "Look in the shower." Courtney says to him. "What do I have to lose." He mumbles as he walks into his room."You put them there didn't you." I ask her. She smiles and shrugs as she walks away.

As I pull into the school parking lot I relaize how much I don't want to be here. I park and lock my car and walk over to where my usaul group sits . All eight of my friends are already here, I'm usally the last one to get here anyway so they're used to it by now. Melissa, one of the girls in group, walks up and hugs me then asks " We thought you were dead. Where you been hiding out?" " I was gone one day and you think I died? And I don't even get a text? Thanks love you too." I say joking with her. "Sorry, I don't like you that much." She says teasing me. I look around and Adam is no where to be seen. "Josh, where's Adam." I ask hm. " He was with Erika. I don't know where they went. " I sigh. I need to tell Adam about the lie I told to Shane so if Shane ask questions Adam will be on my side.

The bell rings for first period and I usually walk with Adam and Jessica but since Adam is missing it's just the two of us. "What's going with you and Missy?" "Why?" I ask her. Jessica is one of those types of girls that likes to be in everyone else's business and she has to be the first to know everything. I would know, I've known her since the third grade. " Well you don't have to be a dick about it. Jeez." She tells me. Alright I was being kind of a jerk but I just get sick of her trying to know every ones everything. "Sorry, I had a fight with my brother this morning and it put me in a bad mood." I lie. "Oh okay." She's still mad at me. " Jess, You think I should ask her out?" I know asking her for help would pull her out of the bad mood I just caused. She smiles at me. " Do what you think is going to make you happy." "Thanks Jess." I tell her. "I only help you 'cause I think your hot." She says joking with me. " You mean you Know I'm hot." I say winking at her. She winks back and sits in her seat on the other side of the room from mine.

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