"What's going on?" I ask Shane and Brittany once I walk into Shane's room. "Nothing, Cole get out of here please." Shane tells me. "Shane he has a right to know what's going on too. “What if one of them comes over when you aren't here or something?" Shane sighs and says, "Fine, whatever." Shane looks at the ground. "Mia's best friend, Maggie, has been trying to talk to me. I don't know If Mia will for not. So, just be careful." I nod. "Alright, I will." I say and walk back out. Shane's freaked out I can tell but I don't think Brittany can.

"Where is my future wife?" Jesse asks me once I'm back in the kitchen. "My sister is in the other room with Shane." I say dryly at him. Jesse knows that I had sex with Noah and I'm not sure how he knew it. Something about me doesn’t like this guy and I don't think my sister date let alone marry.

Shane and Brittany come out of the room and sit down at the table. "Cole, where did you go when you left?" Brittany asks me shamelessly. "My girlfriend’s house." I say like it's no big deal. Brittany's eyes look like there going to fall out of her head. "You guys didn’t do anything, right?" She asks me slowly. "Why is everyone so fascinated with my sex life?" I say annoyed. "Cole, shut up." Shane warns me. I can see Adam laughing at me from the corner of my eye. I try to kick him under the table but I miss and hit Drew instead. "Ow, what was that for." "Adam," I tell him I laugh as he kicks Adam for me. “Where did you meet her?" "Tattoo parlor." I say messing with her. "What?!" Brittany goes into full on mom mode. "Do you have a tattoo?" Jesse asks me thinking it's funny, while my sister wants to kill me. "Do you?! Shane how could you let this happen!?" Brittany screams at him. "What? I thought it would be fine, it’s just Adam's birthday above his ass." Brittany is so gullible that it's sad. "Why on earth would you get that!" She screams at me. "Honey, there all joking with you." Jesse whispers to her. "I hate you guys." She says dryly and the rest of us crack up.

"By sweetie, I love you." "Bye bye Auntie." Claire says to Brittany as her and Jesse walk out the door. "Get out of my house!" Shane jokes trying to get them to leave. "Love you little brother." she says and gives Shane a kiss on the cheek. "Bye baby brother." She says and does the same for me. "Bye Britt." I say and Shane closes the door. "Did you ask him yet?" Drew says to Shane. "Ask me what?" I say looking at Shane. "Adam come here." Shane says waving my best friend over. " I need you two to watch Claire this weekend. "All weekend?" Adam asks. "Why us?" I ask slowly. “Because Mom is busy Kelsey is going with Drew and I and I don't want Claire around Jesse." "Where are you going?" Adam asks interested. "Some convention for the shop, doesn't doesn’t matter. What matters is you two need to take care of my daughter." "When do you leave?" Adam asks. "Um...tonight." Adam nods and goes and answers his ringing phone. "Way to give me some notice." I say dryly at him. "Cole, please?" He says almost begs me. I can tell he needs me. "Fine." I groan.

"Okay, all the number you need on sitting on the table." Shane says as Drew tries to pull him out the door. "Shane, I take care of my niece all the time, I got this." I tell him so he'll leave. "Maybe I shouldn't go, you and Kelsey got this." Shane turns and looks at me holding his daughter. "You have to go. Kelsey and I are fighting remember?" "Whatever." He mumbles and gets in the car and drives away. Finally.

"Have you ever done this before?" Adam asks me. "I’ve babysat, just not for like more then an hour or so." I tell him calmly.  "Why the hell did Shane leave us in charge?" "No idea." I sigh.

"Where's daddy?" Claire asks us. "He left." Adam says without thinking. Claire starts balling and whining for Shane. "Way to go." I say sarcastically. "Hey Claire, you want to watch TV?” “No, I want daddy!" She screams at me. "Want a treat?" "Daddy." She says between sobs. "Claire, daddy will be back soon, okay?" She stops crying and nods at me. "You need a nap." I say to her. She must be really tired if she just follows without a fight.

"She asleep?" Adam asks me while texting someone. I nod at him and sit down. "You should have your girl come over." He tells me. "Why?" I question. "Erika wants to come over and I don't want you to the third wheel. And wouldn't it be good if Noah met some girls that go to our school?" "Yeah, but what about Claire?" "She's sleeping. They don't have to stay that long. Or maybe they could help since we both suck at this babysitting thing." Adam tells me. Adam is one of the best talkers I know. He could talk himself out of anything. If fact he's talk us out of trouble more then once. How he learned to do that I don't know but its useful until he starts using it on me.

 Well Adam worked his magic and I let the girl come over. Shane might kill me if he finds out but let’s just hope he doesn't. “So how'd last night go with your brother?" Noah asks me with concern. "Yeah, everything's fine now that you made me come home." She smiles. "Good I'm glad." She smiles at me some more.

Noah scares me. I don't want to get into a relationship but I think I did. I don't know what to do everything so all so new for us. I can't believe I almost got together with Missy. I feel bad about the whole thing that happened with her. I hurt her and I won't be alright until she's happy again. I haven't seen her around ever since I told her that there was nothing between us. Once I thought about it, I realized that I sounded like a dick about the whole thing and I should have said something way nicer. A lot of people are going to think I'm this awful person once Missy tells everyone I lead her on.

That's a problem with high school. People just hear something and they don't know the whole story. I'm not saying I'm not guilty of this since I am. But I don't care what people think of me. If they think I lead Missy on and then dropped her because I like Noah better, people are going to start calling her a home wrecker and a slut. I wouldn't want her to go through that. No one should ever have to.

I lean over and kiss Noah. She tastes so good it makes me melt inside. I don't think Noah knows what kind of power she has on me. But if she did I think she would use it to her advantage.

"Cole, stop sucking your girlfriends face and say hi to Erika." Adam says breaking the moment. "Hi Erika, how are you?" I ask her trying to be nice since I barely know her. "I had pancakes this morning!" She tells me excitedly. She sounds like Claire. "I'm happy for you?" I say confused on what to say. "I have to pee. Where's your bathroom?" She asks Adam so he tells her and she walks out of the room. "You picked a winner." I joke with him. "Yeah but she's hot and a good kisser." Adam says like that will make it better in some way. "She's an idiot!" Noah says to Adam while laughing. "Yeah, this makes her easy." He says to us. Noah rolls her eyes and I give him thumbs up.

"Who's this little cutie?" Erika says holding Claire. "My niece." I say stand up and take Claire from her. "You’re a dad?" Erika says with wide eyes. "No, I said she was my niece." I look over at Adam who ignores my glare. "That means his brother had a baby." Noah tries to explain to her. "I'm not stupid guys. I know that boys can't have babies." She tells us. "I think Claire is smarter then her." I whisper to Adam and go get something for Claire to eat.

"Dude, Erika’s parents have a lake house and she said we can go to it tonight and it would just be us. Let’s go!" Adam says excited. "We have Claire. Remember?" I state the obvious. "Let’s give her to my mom." Adam makes a good point. His mom did raise him and his four sisters all by her self and they're all really good people. "What happens when Shane asks Claire how her weekend went?"

"We'll say that we went to my house and my mom loves babies so she hung out with her a lot." "You sure we can get away with this?" I ask him doubtful. "Yes, go pack clothes Noah alright said she wanted to go. "Fine, but if we get caught I'm kicking your ass." "Just go. I'll take Claire and her stuff to my moms." He says. "Take that stupid chick with you." I tell him and walk back into my room.

I see Noah going through my stuff. "Are you trying to help me pack?" I joke with her. "Yeah I was but your room is so messy that I can't find anything!" She laughs and I sit on the bed and pull her into my lap. "This weekend is going to be a lot of fun." She leans down and kisses me. I slowly lean until I'm on my back. "We should wait." she says to me. "For what?" "The beach." She winks at me.

I'm going to have so much fun this weekend.


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