I'm the screw up child in my family. You would think its Shane but it's not. Shane didn't screw up he did a stupid thing but he turned his life around and got on the right track. All my other siblings did well in school and sports and whatever else they did. Take Brittany for example, She did acting in high school and she's amazing at it. Shane, made varsity lacrosse and he didn't even know how to play. Courtney, she's thirteen and one of the best soccer players I've ever seen. So all my siblings have some magical talent but me. Awesome.

I get a text from Kelsey asking me if I'm okay. After I don't respond, she calls me.

"How are you?" She asks causally before I can even hello.

"I've been better." I say dryly.

"You know he didn't mean all those things he said. Cole, please believe me, I know what I'm talking about."

"Kelsey, He did too, you hate the thought of us fighting. You always have and you always will. You're a peace maker."

"Yeah, well you two are important too each other! You don't know how luck you are to have a brother that loves and cares for you so much!! Okay Cole do you understand? So you and your brother are going to work this out even if we have to drive over there and force you two to sit in a room alone together!! In fact I think that's what we’re going to do! I'll call Logan's mom and get the address! See you soon!" Kelsey yells so loud and so fast I can't even fit words in before she hangs up.

"Lovely." I mumble to my self.

"What's going on man?" Logan says while him and Adam walk into the room.

"Nothing, I just fucked things up with my brother, that's all." I say like it's no big deal. I know they both can tell I'm lying.

"Holy shit, he found out didn't he..." Adam asks me.

I nod

"One of you wanna clue me in here?" Logan says to us.

"We are supposed to be watching Shane's daughter, Claire. But we have her to Adams mom so we could go to Ericka's lake house for the weekend and then we ended up here. And Shane found out everything so now he's beyond pissed." I explain to him.

"Why didn't you just bring her with you?" Logan asks

"I'm with my girlfriend. I think there are a few other things I want to be doing then babysitting."

"Well you aren't doing either them now, are you?" Logan says being a smartass.

We hear a knock on the door. "Come in." Logan says to who ever is at the door.

"Cole, Kelsey called me saying that they wanted to visit with us since they haven’t seen us in so long!" Logan's mom says with a smile and closes the door.

"Shane's coming here?" Adam asks

"Guess so." I say with a sigh.

I feel a migraine coming on. I really don't know how Shane is going to react when he sees me. He could try to kill me. Or he could want to talk it out. Who am I kidding? He's going to try to kill me. Actually I can't blame him; I would want to kill me too.

A half an hour later, I'm standing in the backyard waiting for Shane to come out and talk to me. I'm so nervous it's driving me nuts. My heart starts feeling like its going to pound out of my chest as soon as I see my brother.

"Hi." I start off.

Before I know what's happening I feel a sharp pain in my face causing me to stumble back and fall into the pool with all my clothes on.

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