Seeing Mia at my door was one of the hardest things I have ever went through...and I'm a single parent.

 The first thing I was feeling was confusion. Confused on why she was back, confused on why she left. My head was spinning out of control and I herd the door open and close so I know someone went out here and talked to Mia. 

I couldn't do it, I couldn't stand there and hear her tell me about how sorry she was and about how much she missed Claire and I. I knew that she would break me down and I would end up letting her back in my life. I can't let that happen.

I'm laying down in my bed with my hands behind my head, it reminds me of high school when we would fight and I would come home all pissed off and just lay here until I would get my head out of my ass and finally apologize to her, I hear a knock at the door and I don't answer. I know it's Drew and he's going to want me to 'express my feelings' or something else stupid because Kelsey would have told him to.

I hear the knock again and I want who ever it is to just go away. I'm so tired of people trying to come into my life and fight me! Why can't any of my friends or family just leave alone ever?! Does no one ever get that for once in my life I just want to be left alone! I don't want to have to explain my feelings to anyone. Day after, day, it's just people trying to talk to me about my feelings. I'm tired of it.

I flipped a pillow over my face when I hear the door open.

"Can I talk to you?" Cole asks.

"When I didn't answer maybe that's because I was busy." I ask muffled through pillow

"What could you have been busy with?" He asks.

"Maybe I was 'hanging out by myself'" I say in response knowing he'll understand what I mean.

"That's gross, okay, okay I get it. Next time I'll wait for you to tell me I can come in."

"She still here?" I ask removing the pillow from my face. Cole nods. "And you talked to her?"

"I talked. She listed."  That's almost impossible, Mia never shuts up. Like ever. I'm amazed that Cole was able to tell her off without her saying anything. But once my brother puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him.

Why now? Why wasn't it two years ago? Why did she leave me at all? I was that horrible that all I got was a note left on top pf her empty dresser? I still have that letter she gave me before she left, even thought I remember it word for word.


I'm sorry it has to be this way, I never wanted it to be this way. I can't stay here forever and do nothing with my life. I can't handle being a mother anymore. I will always love Claire nothing will ever change that. But you and I have grown apart, it wasn't suppose to happen but it did. We just fell out of love. I don't know if I'm ever coming back, and I want you to be happy. So you should find someone that does love you, for you. Not just because you have a child with them. I'm leaving to Hollywood to try to start up my dreams of becoming an actress. Take good care of your self and Claire.


For a long time, nothing made sense. I couldn't eat or sleep and my mom had to take Claire. I was heartbroken. It's as simple as that. She left me with our daughter and one stupid note. And that is something I can't ever forgive. Mia and Claire were the most important things in my life and one of them was taken away from me when I did absolutely nothing wrong.

Now I have Hannah, or had, I'm not even sure what we are anymore. There's days where I think I'm in love with her and then there's day where I want to push her down a flight of stairs (not that I would ever do anything to hurt her in any way possible). I know Hannah have had our ups and downs but I still care about her and her kids.

"Shane?" Cole calls out pulling me out of my thoughts, I forgot he was even here.

"Why are you still here?" I ask annoyed.

"I think you should talk to her."

"You want me to talk to the woman that broke my heart and left our daughter? No thanks" I say dryly.

"Shane, she's never going to leave until you talk to her."

I let out a sigh knowing he's right. I know this girl better then any other. She isn't going to leave until she gets her way.

I walk out of my room and Cole takes Claire out of the living room and him and her take dinner into his room. I grab a beer out of the fridge and hand one to Drew, get one for myself and put my hand on the handle of the door and pause.

"You know you don't have to do this right?" Drew asks me.

"If I don't, she won't leave." I explain, even though he already knows that.

I open my beer and I take a sip and then unlock the door I take a deep breath and turn the door and swing it open and see her sitting on the ground. It's freezing out here and I almost want to let her in but I'm not.

"Shane" Mia whispers. She gets off the snow covered ground and stands close to me, close enough to where I can feel her body heat. I take a step back, I don't want to get too close to any way. I take another sip of my beer because I really don't know what to say.

I have probably rehearsed this sense in my head a dozen times before, wondering what it would be like if Mia ever came back, now that she is back and standing right in front of me I'm at a loss for words.

"Hi Drew." She tries to give him a warm smile but he gives her an ugly scowl in return. I know he hates her, as does everyone else in my life, but I can't hate her. Even though she deserves it more then anything I can't hate her. But she doesn't know that, and I pray to God that she never does find out.

"Are either of you going to say anything to me?" She asks, she sounds broken.

"What would you like me to say?" I finally answer her. "I won't let you see Claire, she isn't even here." I lie to protect my daughter.

"She's our daughter, Shane. Our." Mia says stressing the word 'our'

"No! There is no 'our' anymore. There hasn't been in almost three years Mia. Claire and you were the most important things in my life and then you just left us like it was easy. It took forever to get Claire to get rid of your memory. I've finally done it and I will never let you back into her life. She has everything she could ever need with me and my life. We don't need you."

"Shane how can you say that?! Claire needs a mother, and that's something you won't ever be able to give her! She'll always question herself and who she is if she doesn't have me in her life! You can't stand there and say you don't miss me because I know you do! We have such a strong past Shane. I never stopped loving you. Please believe me." Mia steps in close and leans in for a kiss, I move back and she looks crushed.

"I won't ever forgive you for this, you can't ever see Claire, Mia. You signed your rights to our daughter away when you left and I wish you never came back. Leave Mia, I don't ever want to see you ever again. Don't contact me or my daughter ever again. Just leave us alone, is that too much to ask?"

I open the door and Drew and I walk back into the house. I'm shaking but I don't know if it's because of the cold or because of all my emotions running through my body.

I pull out my phone and start to make a call, "Who are you calling?" Drew asks

"Logan and Adam, I'm getting wasted after Claire goes to bed and I need someone here that's sober."


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