My sister is crazy to think that she can get all the stupid wedding details ready in a week and a half. I'm not sure what the rush is for her to get married in the first place. I don't know, maybe I won't ever know.

I push that thought out of my mind and continue to count the stock of parts in the back of the store. I needed Cole's help with register because one of my workers had his kids soccer game to go to. And from one parent to another, I had to say that he could take the morning off.

"Shane?" Are you paying attention to what you're doing?" Drew asks and glances down at my working hands. I was putting screws back into the box instead of unloading them like I was suppose to.

"My mind is somewhere else, sorry." I say and I unpack the screws I just out away. Drew can tell that the wedding thing is bugging me. I actually don't care that much about my sister getting married, it's my best friend that I'm worried about.

"What's up?" I don't answer right away. I really don't feel like explaining why I'm distracted because if I tell Drew, he'll tell Kelsey and then I have to deal with her trying to fix me again. She thinks that I’m emotionally unstable because Mia left me.

I'm with Hannah and I couldn't be happier, will I marry her? I have no idea. It's way to early to even start thinking about doing something like that. Marriage isn't really high up on my list of things I need to do. Claire is what is really important. I will not ever let myself forget that.

"Shane, you're doing it again." Drew warns and I realize that I'm not working I'm totally zoned out.

"Sorry man." I say and continue to work. I need to get my head in the right place, I'm not sure why that is so hard for me today.

Drew and I are working side by side when the light goes off. The light is controlled by who's running the register, signaling that they need someone from the back room. Then they use to P.A system to call out for whoever it is that they need.

"Shane, I need you out here." Cole says over the P.a.

"Why, can't you handle it?" I groan.

"You have someone that is asking for you,could you just get out here please."

I roll my eyes and walk to the front of the store and see the one person I don't ever like seeing. My Dad.

I look over at Cole look probably looks as frustrated as I do. The last time I saw my Dad I was in the hospital, I wish he would stop trying to be in my life.

"I'm glad to see you that you are back on your feet; both of you that is." He says look over at myself and then back at Cole.

"Why are you here?" I say coldly.

"I wanted to see my two sons, is that a sin?"

"No, but adultery is." Cole looks at him with daggers for eyes.

My Dad is silent, he knows we don't respect him anymore. We probably never will. The only one that ever wants to see him is Courtney, we promised to not tell her no matter how hard that might be. She needs a father and we don't want to rob her from that.

"You're sister stopped by the office today. She said that she's getting married. I really came here to ask you the both of you to walk to her down the aisle."

"Did she invite you?" I ask him

"Yes, but I will be attending but I don't think that I have the right to walk her."

"We'll do it." Cole says without even thinking about it.

My Dad smiles and then turns around to leave.

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