I smiled at the Batista and picked up the coffee that she just made. Hannah and I celebrated our engagement last night so she's pretty tired. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, my sister took all the kids back home with her and my brother is God knows where but we were just glad to be alone. Clearly I took advantage of the opportunity. 

I walked back home and I see Hannah already up making breakfast.

"Good Morning handsome." She says and wraps her arms around my neck and I give her a small kiss on her sweet lips.

"Good morning beautiful." I smile at her as I pull away from the kiss. 

I stare at her as I put the coffee down on the bar. She's wearing one of my shirts that's way to big for her and it almost looks like a dress on her. "Are you wearing underwear?" I ask checking out her ass.

Her face turns into a bright shade of red. "Shane! Stop looking!" She giggles at me. I roll my eyes at her and she goes back to making french toast. "Where's your brother?" She asks and it brings it to my attention that I have absolutely no idea on where Cole was. I'm rather tired of trying to always know where he is because sometimes I just need to focus on my own life.

"I'm not sure. Probably with Adam and Logan or something." I say shrugging the whole thing off. I had an amazing night and I don't want to think about Cole getting into trouble right now.

I give a heavy sigh and lay my head down on the bar. I can't believe how much my life is going to change. I went from being a bachelor with one daughter to getting engaged with soon to be four kids. Holy shit. That's scary to think about. I love Hannah but am I ready for all of this?

My thoughts carried me to my own daughter. I'm not just changing my life, but her's as well. She use to be my everything. She was there when no one else was for me. After the love of my life left me broken, after my parents told me they couldn't help, after Drew started college when I couldn't and I never saw anyone. after I scrapped everything I had together to just put food on the table for her when the shop wasn't doing well. It's always just been her and I. I've always tried to put her first and lately my whole life hasn't been around her the way it should have. the way it use to be. Am I being a bad father? It sure feels like it. My own sister and brother have watched her on multiple occasions just so I could go out and have fun or get laid.

"Are you okay?" Hannah asks concerned. She didn't do anything wrong here. I should have protection that night. I shouldn't have let my hormones take over. I can't believe that did let this happen to me again.

"I need some space Han." I say quietly and she frowns. "What's wrong? Did I do something?" I shake my head at her. I need to be alone with my daughter. I miss her so much and I know she's in good hands with my sister but I seriously needed to stop being so selfish. You can't be selfish and be a parent, or a good one at least. 

"I'm heading out." I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't even notice that she had collected all her belongings and was standing at the door. "I'll check up on you later okay?" She tells me and I nod as she walks out my door. 

I grab my car keys and run outside to my car and ramming into Cole in the process. 

"OWW!" He screams, he's probably not a hundred percent recovered from the accidents and the fights he continues to get into.

"Aw man, I'm sorry. Legit, I didn't mean to hit you." I say and extend my arm so he can pull himself up.

"Shane, I really need to talk to you. Where are you going?" 

"Get Claire, just get in the car you can tell me then." Both of us jump in the car and head off to our sister's house.

"Where were you?" I ask casually. 

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