It's Monday again, and Hannah's mom still have her kids so she stayed the night at my house. I hear my phone go off on my night stand and I look go check the message.

I found anther 1 u shud look at bro

He's talking about houses. The shop is doing really well and I'm thinking about buying a actual house instead of what the apartment that I'm in now. I want to give Claire a yard and a Cole a bigger room. The only thing is that I haven’t told my brother yet, or my girlfriend.

I hve 2 look @ like 4 or 5 2day. can I pull u off kels long enuff so u can come w/ me?

"So should I call my mom and make her keep the kids just one more day so we can spend the whole day together?" Hannah asks me.

"Can't I've got some stuff I gotta do." I tell her.

"Like what? Can't I just come along? I wanna be with you today." She says with a with a smile.

I give her a sympathetic look. She roles her eyes at me.

"What's so important I can't come along?"

"When did you turn into one for those girlfriends?" I snap at her. I think we're about to have our first fight.

"You're right. I'm sorry." Whoa did she just admit she was wrong?

"After I get done what I need to get done, I'll come over. I'll have someone take Claire so it's just us. Okay?" She nods and smiles.

"Shane!" I hear Drew walk though the door. I walk out knowing he has Claire.

"Daddy!" She screams and runs into my arms.

"Hi, baby. Did you have fun this weekend?" I pick Claire up and balance her on my hip.

"I get believe you're getting married." I say to Drew.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," He chuckles

"Everyone is getting married it seems like." I say with a sigh.

"Who's everyone?" Drew questions.

"Okay fine, not everyone but. You and my sister too. It just seems weird."

"You'll get there someday. You just do things backwards."

"I'm not one to follow rules." I laugh.

"Yeah it’s supposed to go; Get married, buy a house, have a baby. You did; Have a baby, buy a house, then get married."

"I realize that Drew". I say coldly, looking down at my mail.

"Calm down. What time do we have to leave?"

"Like eighteen minutes. I have to get Claire ready for school."

"She doesn’t go on Mondays."

"I need her to go today instead of tomorrow." I explain. "Oh, when Cole gets home, reminds me to kill him." I growl.

"Didn't you already try that? Considering the shiner he's sporting on his eye."

"He gave the chick at day care my number." I say and run my hands over my face.

He laughs, "I know, it was funny." I glare at him

 I look down at my phone because it's ringing and answer it, it's my mom.

"Hey mom, what's up?"

"Hi sweetie, what are you doing tonight?" I think about Hannah and our plans tonight.

"Ehh, kinda mom. Why?"

"The Barkers wanted our family to come over for dinner. My whole family."

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