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     "Hey dude, she’s crying again."

I groaned loudly at the sound of his voice constatly waking me up.  "Cole, can't you just take care of her this one time . . .Please . . " I mumbled.

 "Shane, I’ve already done it four times tonight! I don't know what’s wrong this time, she just wants her daddy."

     "Daddy," I thought to myself.

     I've been a dad for almost three years. It really wasn't my plan to have a baby at seventeen. After my ex girlfriend Mia got pregnant, my parents told me it was my  responsibility and I couldn't have the baby in their house. When Mia told her parents about her pregnancy, she was kicked out and I couldn't give this baby up, I would never forgive my self. So I moved out, got a job, and  bought a three bedroom apartment. It was perfect, like this was all comming together. Mia, the baby, and I would all live here, it was perfect. It started out fine, but Mia and I broke up, she dropped out of high school, moved to Hollywood to try and become and actress or something . . .whatever.The point is she left a seventeen year old guy with our baby with me to raise her by my self. Just perfect.

     It was just the baby and I for while, and it was really hard for me to juggle school, my store, and a social life while having to take care a newly born . After her third birthday, my mother told me I should probably move back in with her so she could help me take care of Claire. Truth is, I think she really needed help with my siblings, mostly my brother, Cole. He is three years younger then I am, and  yet we used to be inseperatable. Cole was only fourteen when Claire was born. He was still a kid. He hated me after I moved out because I had left him with my parents and our little sister, Courtney, who was nine when this whole thing happened. She was too young to understand, I mean I  hadn't done anything wrong, but to this day I hate the fact I left her and my brother. I was supposed to be there when they need me, which of course I still was and I am now, but for some reason it was just different, having a baby just  seemed like it wasn't going to be the same.

     My mom got remarried a year later to her boyfriend Robert. He had two kids of his own, so naturally Courtney and Cole were not estatic. So Cole moved in with me on one condition; he has to help me with Claire. My mother seemed relieved after we told her our plan. Well let’s just say me and my brother were not the easiest teenagers to raise.

      Once I took him in, I laid down some ground rules:

1.) NO PARTIES. Our town isn't that big, so rumors like parties get around fast, so if there was ever a party at my apartment I would know. (Who wants to party in a small apartment anyway?)

2.) NO DRINKING. I have a three year old daughter and if I'm out and he watching her and something happens because he drinking I will kill him! He’s only seventeen anyway that’s not even legal.

 3.) NO GIRLS IN HIS ROOM. If there's some girl over, they stay in the living room. I already have a baby and it’s hard enough as it is, and if he’s a father at seventeen like I was, we are going to have a major issue.

    My thoughts were interrupted by a screaming three year old. I sighed knowing my brother wasn’t going to get up again. I stumbled out of bed and went to go see what the problem was. "Cole is so stupid" I thought  to myself. Her bunny is on the floor out of her reach. I picked up the bunny gave it to her and she signed the word “thank you”. She could talk and did when she wasn’t sucking her thumb. My older sister, Brittany, had her watch sign language videos when she couldn’t talk so she could tell us what she wanted. I sat in the rocking chair in her room to make sure she would fall asleep. She tends to wake up though out the night and stay wake for hours. Luckily, this wasn’t one of those times.  I must have fallen asleep in there because I woke up to cold ice water all over me.

     “What’s the matter with you?” I choke out between breathes.

“Oh, were you asleep?” Cole asks me sarcastically.

“I’m going to smack you.”

“Whatever, I just woke you up to tell you I’m leaving early.”

“Why?” I ask, wiping away the water off my face.

“No reason.” He says while looking away from me.

“Cole stop being a chick just tell me.” I snap at him.

“I’m going to hang out with Missy. Why are you all over my case?”

“Don’t talk to me like that Cole.”

” Whatever.” He mumbles under his breath and walks out of the house.

Missy? Who’s Missy?  And why the hell was he meeting her a half hour before school? Cole better watch himself. The last think I need right now is to have to watch my brother's every move because he wants to have a love life. When I had a love life at his age, it just got me into trouble. Not saying that I don’t love my daughter, I just really wasn’t ready for that to happen in my life. Cole isn’t ready for that. I will make sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes I did when I was his age. I'll make sure of it. 

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