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 Where was Shane? Why did he let me  stay home from school? He never lets me even when I'm actually sick. Nothing right now was adding up and it was driving me crazy. I look over at the broken lamp which is still able to light up. Why cant we just get rid of the damn thing! I think to my self as i walk past it. Missy's already texted me 3 times this morning asking where i am. Truthfully i really cant look at her after what happened it was a mistake it was never meant to happen i don't even like her that much. Okay that's a lie i cant seem to get her off my mind yet at the same time i don't want to be thinking about her at all. All the thinking and stress and unanswered questions were giving me a head ache. I herd a knock at the door. "Shane is someone coming over?" "No why?" i hear him yell from the back of the house. Before i can get off the couch i hear  the door unlock and watch Adam walk in. I should have known. He doesn't go to school if I'm not there which is extremely stupid but so is he so its not a shock. Why he knocked i wouldn't be able to tell you. He has a key. Shane use to keep a spare key under the mat in case he forgot his or if someone needed to get in. After Adam found it he kept it.

"Hey man whats up why are you in school." he says taking his jacket and shoes off

"I could ask you the same thing." i say

"Shut up. Any way i herd about you and Missy. How was she" He says grinning and winking at me

"I already told you nothing happened Britt walk in before anything happened.' I say looking at the ceiling

" You didnt tell me that." he says looking at my as if im stuipd

"What? then how do you know anything?" I ask thinking i had already told him

"Missy's going around telling people." he says laughing at me

"What"..... i ask

" Yea shes telling every one everything." he says after he stops laughing at me

" We didn't even go all the way!" i yell

"She thinks you guys did man."  he says i can tel he thinks this is one  big joke

"When did you ask her out" Adam asks because im not saying anything

" I didnt. I want going to. We are'nt together." i say defencely

" You might want to tell her that bro". he says laughing again

"Wow shes one of the physic chicks that make out with a guy and then are obsessed with him. Lovely."

"So what are you going to do man?"  he asks knowing that im pissed off completly at this point.

"Not sure yet but i have to do something." that was a lie i was going to ask Shane what do do. I just hated asking Shane for help.

Adam went to go take a shower which left me time to think. I'm going to just have to call Missy out on it. She cant be spreading lies like this. I hate stupid drama especially girl drama. I really  thought she was different then other girls. Out of every girl i could have almost screwed i pick her. And as a bonus i brought her here to meet Shane and Claire.How am i going to get rid of her? I could tell her that Shane said im not allowed to see her anymore. Yeah that doesn't make me sound like a chick or anything. I'm just going to be straight up with her. Like a man. Holy crap what if she cries? I cant handle girls when they start crying. Well beside Claire.

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