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The worst feeling the whole world is not knowing where your child is. Even for two seconds. I never knew that I could be that scared. It was like I had broken. Claire, my daughter, is the most important thing in my life. That is one thing that will never change. Ever. I never want to have that feeling ever again and I'll do everything I can so I don't have to.

It's not really anyone's fault now that I think about it. Cole was in the house the whole time. Why our step sister had his car I'm not really sure of yet. How did he get home? I had a million questions shooting through my brain right now. It's causing me to have a migraine. Just perfect.

I lay in my bed awake; this is the third night in a row. I wanted sleep. Actually I needed sleep. However, I don't feel tired. Why don't I feel tired after three whole days without sleep? I don't have to open the shop tomorrow so I don't have to get up. Well except for that Claire has daycare, but I can take her anytime I want. I should get up to make sure Cole gets ready and leaves on time, but since I don't want to I won't. It will be his fault if he's late and his butt can get in trouble for it.


Good thing is that I feel asleep. The bad thing is that my brother in my room waking me up for God knows what reason. "Last time I checked I didn't have to get up." I say to him. "I need a ride." I say shaking my bed to wake me up like I do to his. "That's why you have a car." I yawn. "Sapphire has it, remember?" Cole rips of my blankets. "Why is that?" I question. "She needed it so she could sneak out of the house or something, I don't remember." He's lying, I can tell. "Cole, shut up. Why does she really have the car?" I say to him. "It doesn't matter Shane. I'm going to be late. Get ready I'll go get Claire up." He says while he walks out of the room.

I get dressed and walk into the kitchen so I can brush my teeth. I notice a girls black jacket on our couch. It's not Hannah's or Kelsey's, and it wouldn't fit Courtney. Who the hell left their jacket in my house? "Cole!" I yell knowing he can hear me. He walk out of the wall holding Claire, "What? Why are you yelling?" "Whose jacket is this?" I ask him. His eyes go wide, like he's just been caught. "Mine..." He says slowly. "I'm not stupid Cole. I know it's a girl's jacket. Who's is it." I demand. "My friends." He says looking embarrassed. "Is she like, more then a friend?" "Shane, I don't know. Can we leave now?" I start to laugh since he's shy about it. "Daddy, up." Claire says while putting her hands up at me. "In a minute baby." I tell her and go and brush my teeth. I get a sippy cup and put half apple juice half water. Since she doesn't need all the sugar. I get her ready for day care. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"No Daddy! Claire screams at me since I'm trying to do her hair. She will not let a guy do her hair. I have to be a girl. I have no idea what that's about. She will let Kelsey do it or Courtney, Brittney, Hannah any other girl. It drives me insane. I finally manage to put her hair into pig tails.

"Cole! Come on you're going to be late." I call out. "I've been ready. It's you that held us up." Shut up and get in the car." I snap at him. "Whatever," he says under his breath.

"Have you talked to Drew and Kelsey?" Cole asks me since I told him I would. However, I haven't and now he's going to be all over my back about it. I clear my throat, " Um no, not yet." "You told me you would." my brother says to me as if I'm a child. "Well, I am thinking about going over there before I drop off Claire for day care." I tell him my plan. "Good idea to bring Claire." He tells me. "I know. No way in hell am I going over there with out her." "Daddy! That's a bad word!" Claire screams at me. "Yeah Daddy, that's a bad word." Cole says mocking Claire. "Get out of my car." I tell him since we're at the school. "Bye Claire, I'll see you when I get home sweetie." He says giving her a kiss on her cheek. "Bye loser." He says to me and closes the door and walks away.

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