"Drew i think this is a bad idea." I tell my best friend as we walk over to Hannah's apartment. "What Cole doesn’t know won't hurt him." Drew shrugs at me. "And if he dose find out?" I says looking over at Hannah’s door and opening it. "You can't just walk in." Drew says to me. "Why not? I’ve already seen everything she's hiding." I wink at him. In response he rolls his eyes at me.

"I'm back here!" My girlfriend screams so Drew and I can hear her. "Stay here." I tell Drew as I walk into the back of the house and find Hannah packing her suitcase. "I'm so excited! No kids, No crying, No whining, Just us." She smiles and I pull her close to kiss her. "Shane stop making out with your girl and come on!" Drew yells from the living room. I chuckle because he knows me so well. "Let me finish and we can go." I smile and walk back in the living room with my best friend. "She's almost ready. Have you talked you Kels?" I ask hoping he says yes. "Sorta..." He trails off. "What does that mean?" I ask him. "She's going she texted me, but we haven't a real conversation yet." He tells me. "Well you need to. This is out weekend away with the girls so they can get to know each other and we all can just hang out and have fun. I don't a fight to ruin it for every one." "Alright mom." Drew says teasing me.

"Drew, I'm really excited to meet your girlfriend. Shane says nothing but good things." Hannah says to Drew probably since she doesn’t know him very well either. "Yeah, Shane has known her longer. We all grew up together though." He says in response. "I've known Kelsey since she was born. I'm four weeks older." I say proud. "Why do you think that's cool?" Drew says mocking me."'Cause it is." I say messing around with him. "Wow you two are like the same person, are you?" "Yeah, pretty much." Drew and I say at the same time. Which makes everyone laugh.

"Alright, Shane go get Kelsey." I give him a death glare and he gets out of the car to go get his girlfriend. He walks all the way to the door and turns around and comes back to the car. "What are you doing?" I ask irritated. "I'm going to do it this weekend." Drew says to me in all seriousness. My eyes go wide in shock, "Are you for real?" He nods. "Do you have the-" "Of course I have it." "Alright man, finally." I say happy for him. "Someone wanna tell me what you guys are talking about?" Hannah asks us. Drew looks at me and shakes his head. I know exactly why, he doesn’t want Hannah to know. She will tell Kelsey and ruin everything and this has to be perfect. "You'll find out soon enough, babe." She narrows her eyes at me and says, "Alright, whatever." "I'll go get Kels." I say and walk into the house.

"Kelsey, you ready?" "I'm not pregnant!" She screams and runs into my arms. "Thank god." Kelsey groans, "I thought you were Drew!" She screams at me. "Um yeah, Sorry to disappoint you." I say to her. "I almost made out with you." "Ew Kels, come on I just ate." I sat making a face at her. "Shut up, you'd enjoy it." "No I wouldn't. I promise you." I say sitting down on her bed.

"Where is Drew?" She asks me throwing some weird underwear in her bag. "Um, ew." I say pointing to it. "Shut up, Where is my boyfriend?" She asks me again. "In the car with my girlfriend." I say and start going through Drew's dresser. "She's your girlfriend now? And she's coming with us?" She sounds shocked that I actually have a girlfriend again. "Yes, I have a girlfriend. It's not that weird. I use to have them all the time if you don't recall." I say in my smart ass way. "And she's coming with us..." She asks again. "What's with you repeating questions?" I ask. "What's with you not answering them?" She says. "Yes, she's coming with us. Is that some kind of problem? Did you want me to be the third wheel?" "I just don't know her, I don't want this weekend to be awkward." She says putting more stuff in her suitcase. "Kels, I'm sick of your damn attitude. Why the hell can't you drop the freaken attitude, No wonder you and Drew have so many issues." Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have said that. Since Kelsey doesn’t look mad she just looks like she's about to cry.

"I'm sorry I keep blowing up on you. It just sorta happens." She nods. "I'm stressed out and I need this weekend." "Shane, who has Claire?" "Cole and Adam." I almost cringe saying I left my daughter with two teenage guys. "Are you on drugs?!" Kelsey yells at me. "Not since high school,sweetheart." I say looking at smiling at her. "You left Claire with the guys?" She looks like she's ready to kill me. "Cole's the age I was when I had her." I look down at me feet remembering when I 1st had Claire by myself. "I know, she'll be fine. Lets go." Kelsey says and pulls me by the arm back outside.

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