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I wasn't surprised about what Shane and Drew did. It made me mad as hell, but I wasn't surprised. I think I've told Noah that I'm sorry eight billion times; she still just laughs it off like it was nothing. She's pretty awesome.

"Are you sure you don't mind. You didn't have to come with me." I say to her feeling bad. “I told you that it wasn't a big deal. I have an older brother myself." "Alright, alright, Shane and Drew are just really stupid." She smiles at me and we walk into the day care and to get Claire.

"Can I help you?" The lady behind the desk asks me. She must have had way too much coffee or something considering how peppy she sounds. "Claire Cooper." I tell the peppy lady. "Oh, alright." She says losing all the pep in her voice and sounding dull and upset. "What's the relation?" The non-peppy lady asks me. "Uncle." "You're Shane's brother?" she asks me. I slowly nod my head at her. I'm super confused. "Do you know Shane?" She smiles and nods at me. "I think he is so hot." I smile back at her. "You want his number?"  The girl looks like she just won the lottery or something. I'm guessing she's speechless since all she does is nod.

Noah kicks me in the ankle and mouths the word "no" at me. “I’m just helping out my brother. He hasn't had much game since Claire’s mom." I whisper to her. "Didn't you say that he walk in on him and some girl doing it?" She questions. “No don't be ridiculous! That hadn't gotten there yet." I wink at her. "Uncle!!" Claire screams making me turn around kneel to the floor. “Hi baby, did you have fun today?" I ask Claire bringing her into my arms and hugging her tightly. “We finger painted, and ate lunch!" She tells me so fast she can barley get the words out of her mouth. "You wanna go home and see Daddy and Uncle?" I ask her knowing she'll say yes. "Daddy? Let’s go!!" She grabs my hand and tries to pull me down the hall.

“Wait Claire, We forgot my new friend." I say pointing at Noah. "Claire, baby, can you say Hi to Noah?" I ask her. She hides behind my legs and then waves and says "Hi, Noah."  "Hi Claire. I really like your shoes." Noah says smiling at her. Claire slowly come out from my legs and gives Noah a hug. "Let's go see daddy." I tell her and we all walk out into the car.

"Cole, we need to talk about the other night.” Noah tells me. I don't like where this is going, and it's freaking my out a little. "Why." I start getting shaky. There is no way in hell I can have what happened to Shane, happen to me. Shane wasn't ready for that at seventeen and neither am I. “This is going to be really awkward to say but there isn't any other way to say it." Noah starts off. I pull over to the side of the road. I can't believe this is really happening. I think I'm starting to have a panic attack. “Cole?! Are you alright?" Noah asks me since I'm clearly not. I shake my head. "There is no way I can be a father." I mumble. “So you didn't use protection?" Noah starts to get panic in her voice. Claire starts to cry. "Yes I did." I cry out.  "I was going to talk about me leaving when you were sleeping!" Noah says to me. I relax. I feel a bit embarrassed but the fact that I'm not a father is calming.

"Are you mad that I left?" "No, what time did I fall asleep?" "Probably around eleven. That's when I woke up and left. I would have told you but you looked so cute when you were sleeping." She winks at me. "Can I tell you something?" I ask her. She nods her head at me. “I am so hard right now you have no idea." I say winking at her. Her face turns to a deep shade of red and I laugh knowing I caused it. I find myself smiling the whole rest of the way home.

"Daddy!!!" Claire screams and runs as fast as she can to Shane. His face lights up every time he sees her. “There’s my sweet girl." He says to her and picks her up and spins her around. "Uncle!" She says reaching to Drew. "Come to your favorite Uncle, baby." Drew says to Claire. I clear my throat loud enough so I get his attention. “I’m her only real uncle, so clearly that makes me the favorite." "In your dreams." I snap back at him. "Daddy!!!" Claire screams wiggling out of Drew’s arms onto the floor. "What did you learn today Claire." He asks her pretending to be interested. "Painting!" She yells excitedly at him. “Oh, before I forget, I gave your number to the chick at the day care.” I smirk. Shane groans at me and I just laugh. “Why did you do that, I try to avoid her as much as possible.” He tells me running his hand through his hair. “I could tell. Kind of why I gave it to her.” When Claire turns her back Shane flips me off. I return the favor shortly after.  “Did you paint today? What did you paint?!" Claire starts rambling about day care and I zone out on Noah.

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