Alright so, I'm dating Noah, Noah is Harmony and Chance's sister, Chance, Drew, and Shane all went to high school together. Harmony is having Jack's baby. Jack is Kelsey's cousin and Maggie's boyfriend. Maggie is Claire's mothers best friend. Got it? Yeah, don't feel bad, I don't understand it much either.

Kelsey and Drew took Claire home so she could go to sleep. Jack and Maggie said to call them if anything happens (No one is actually going to do that.). Chance went back to the house to get stuff for Harmony and Noah fell asleep on my lap so It's just me and Shane, who is texting his girlfriend.

Every time I look down at Noah, who's head is in my lap, that we are in public and my brother is sitting right there. I don't know what's up with my hormones but it isn't good. Every time I look down I start rapidly tapping my fingers and feet. Sitting still right now is the most difficult thing.

"Are you okay?" Shane questions me, he looks at me like I have some kind of problem.

"What? Um, yeah I'm good." I struggle to get out the words.

"Are you sweating?" He squints his eyes at me.

Oh hell, I am. What is wrong with me right now? "It's really hot in here." I hope he buys my lie.

"What's really wrong with you?" Shane folds his arms across his chest.

I don't do anything but look down. I can feel my face getting more and more red. Shane shakes his head and rolls his eyes at me.

"Like this is my fault? I'm going to take a walk outside." I tell me and try to move Noah without moving her, she's so out of it that it isn't a problem.

I walk out the hospital door and sit on a bench outside. It's cold enough to see your breath every time you breathe out. I like this weather, it reminds me that Christmas is coming. Christmas is my favorite time because of the family and friends. I look around and I see that some stores already have Christmas things out. Lights,and trees. I can't wait until we get our tree and help Claire decorate. I hear the hospital doors open, but I don't think anything of it since they open all the time.

"You okay now?" Shane asks me sitting down next to me.

"Yeah, I just needed to cool down." I say looking at some of the lights from a store across the street.

Shane sucks in a big breath and lets it out slow. "I need to tell you something..." He voice trails off.

My eyes go wide."You got Hannah pregnant?" I say in shock.

"What? NO!" He shouts and messes my hair all up. "What is it then?" I say while I fix my hair.

"We're moving." He says and waits for my reaction.

"Like far?"

"No, it's really close to Kelsey and Drew, and it's a lot bigger then where we are now." He explains

"Cool." I say while nodding. I like where we are now but, it's small. If we live in an actually house l would be able to, sneak out better and throw parties when Shane isn't there. But it's not like I'm going to tell him that.

"You are cool with this?" She looks at me puzzled

"Yeah, I mean it's bigger and in the same place so why not?"

"I'm glad you think so, I haven't told Hannah yet." He blurts out.

"I'm pretty sure you should tell your girlfriend, Shane."

"Guys!!!! Come on! Harmony's baby is here!!!" Noah says yelling at us through the door of the hospital.

Shane and my run inside and we send Chance a message saying that the baby is finally here. We quietly walk into the hospital room and see Harmony holding her new baby girl. She reminds of Claire when I went to go see Mia in the hospital. Harmony looks tired, she probably is. I'm sure having a child would make you tired. I wouldn't know, I won't ever know.

"Do we have a name yet?" Shane whispers since the baby is sleeping.

"Rayn." She says with a smile.

"Were you watching tomorrows forecast when you picked that out?" Noah slams.

"Says the one with the guy name?" Her sister throws it right back at her.

"If you have a boy with you name him cloud?" She says

"I was thinking about it." She says in all seriousness

"Please don't." Chance says stepping into the room, I guess he herd our conversation

"Shut up." She says and hands her baby to Shane. Shane looks at the little baby and smiles, I can tell that she reminds him of Claire and that he wants to be the best father he can be.

Noah comes up next to me and grabs my hand, "Some day, we'll have our own baby to name a stupid name." She leans her head on my shoulder. Just the thought of having my own child sends chills down my spine. I love Claire, but I know I wouldn't be able to handle that. "You okay?" She asks when I don't answer. I look at her, she's perfect in my eyes.  She get's along with my friends, family, she keeps me in line. And I've only know her for a little over a month. When did my life become so great? "I should get you home, you look tired." I wink at her.

"I'm going to take Noah home, can I take your car?" Shane nods and I take his keys

"Okay, you go head and I'll tell them we're leaving." I give her a kiss on the cheek and I walk out the door.

I meet Noah, take her by the hand and walk out to the car. "It's freezing." She says. Noah's right, it's so cold if you breath out from your nose you can see it. I slip off my jacket and give it to her, sure I'm cold but I'd rather her have it.

I start the car and let it sit for a minute before I actually start moving the car. I really want to kiss her right now, and I know things will heat up once we get home. I star the car and pull out of the parking lot of the hospital. I know that the ride isn't short so I put on the radio and we sit and listen.

About fifteenth minutes or so goes by and I get a text, I pull out my phone and read the message,

"Shane- Chance will be home w/ u guyz,dnt do N E thing stupid." I shake my head and put my phone into my pocket.

The next thing I see are head lights coming straight into our car. Fast.


*Never text and Drive. It could end someone’s life*

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