My mom cries, a lot. But it still kills me to see or hear her cry. Especially when I cause it. I know my Mom has been on my case a lot about all kinds of stuff, weather it's Cole, Claire, or just coming down to see her and I know I have been a jerk to her lately because she always butting in at the wrongs times. But it still doesn’t make it right for me to be a jerk.

"Mom, please stop crying." I say driving her and Courtney home, because Robert had to take the kids somewhere.

"Kiki sad." Claire says to my Mom. Mom didn't want to be called grandma because she thinks she's too young to be a grandmother. Her name is Karen so somehow Kiki happened.

"Yes baby, Daddy made Kiki sad." She tells me daughter.

I pull over, I know this isn't the best plan but she's going to far. "Mom, do not talk to my daughter like that. You know I didn't mean to talk to you like that. I love you and you are so damn important in my life it's ridiculous. You think I could be a single father with out you and Cole? Mom really, stop crying you know how much you mean to me. Okay fine, I'll come home more often, I'm sorry I stopped coming over. I know you want to be a big part of Claire's life and you are. But Mom I am twenty-one, I have my own life."

My mom starts crying all over again. I can't ever get this right can I?

"I'm crying because I'm happy, baby." She looks at me as I re-start the car.

"Thanks Mom." I say.

The rest of the ride home is quiet. I wonder if I can sneak into Hannah's tonight so we can spend some time together. Hopefully Cole will do me a solid and watch her in case she wakes up. I don't want to push it though. Things are just now starting to go back to normal with me and him and I still have to bring up the fact that we're moving. Actually I have to bring that up to Hannah too.

I drop my mom and sister off at home, Cole jumps into the front seat.

"Okay, I need you to do me a solid." I start off, but Cole starts talking before I can finish.

"You want me to watch Claire so you can go to Hannah's."

I look over at him but only for a second, because I have to keep my eyes on the road. "How did you know that?"

"Are you forgetting that we're brothers?" He says while smiling.

"Please? I won't be all night, I'll come home I promise!" I say looking at my baby in the rear veiw mirror.

"Can Noah come over tonight?" He asks lightly.

"Cole I'm really not comfortable with that." I hesitate.

"Shane, we can hang out and not end up sleeping each other." He groans.

"Can it be a night when I'm home? I'll let her spend the night you guys can't do anything though."

"Why can you sleep around and I can't?"

"I don't sleep around Cole, and that's not all we do. She is girlfriend not my booty call."

"Okay okay, I'm sorry. And I'll watch the baby."

"Yes! Chloe I love you." I say winking at him.

"Whatever you say Sharon." He says laughing. When we were kids Brittany would get mad at us and call us the 'girl version' of our names. It use to piss Brittany off when we wouldn't get mad and Cole and I just started doing it to each other. And for some reason with think it's hilarious.

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