I can't hear Shane calling out for dinner, but I sure can smell it. I have my head phones so I can drown out the world. I bailed on seeing Noah because I couldn't face her. I sound like a girl but I don't care. Everyone thinks like that guys don't ever get hurt. The rejection from a girl sucks, no matter how little you liked her it is always going to suck. You remember that she wants nothing to do with you and it makes you feel as big as a crumb.

But you can't ever let someone see you like that. They'll think your'e weak and that isn't something anyone wants. But I'm not going to sulk around and waste my life or anything. Yeah the break up sucked, actually any break up sucks  but you can't let that run your life. You have to make the best of what you have.

I walked out and see Drew and Shane standing at the door, Claire is in her high chair and Courtney must still be sleeping, she wasn't looking too good. I don't understand why no one is saying anything, it's like they are looking out the door at nothing.

"Guys?" I call out, but I get no response. Persistent to find out what they were looking at and go over at look for myself.

Nothing would have prepared me for who I saw standing at the door. It was no one I thought that I would ever see again. Mia, Claire's mother and the women to broke my older brothers heart. 

Shane closes the door without saying a word and locks it behind him. "No one let her in."

"Shane-" Drew starts off

"Ever!" He screams, then runs over to Claire who is starting to cry. He takes her and they walk to the back of the house.

I start to head for the door and Drew tries to stop me. "There is something I have needed to say to her for a long time. Drew you gotta let me go." I can see that he knows I have to do this, he lets go of my arm and I put my hand on the handle. I unlock the door and slowly pull the handle and see her standing outside. I whisper to Drew to re-lock the door after I leave and I'll knock three times when I want to come back inside, I don't want her in the house or around my niece.

"Cole? You look so grown up now." She looks gross. I use to think that Mia was pretty, like really pretty, but now she looks like she's been using drugs, her long blonde hair use to look like gold, all it looks like now is straw.

"Do you really think that you can come back in here? You broke my brothers heart. He was so messed up for so long. You left your own child, your own daughter. Just got up and left. Like it was nothing, so you could try to make it big in hollywood? You can't call yourself a mother. You don't have a daughter, or a boyfriend, you need to leave. Shane and Claire never want to see you again. Leave before I call the police. Now, Mia."

She opens her mouth to say something but I don't stick around to hear any of it. I don't care I knock on the door, Drew, lets me in and I storm off to my room. Drew doesn't ask me anything because I'm pretty sure he herd my whole speech to Mia, I don't know if he's going to Shane or not. At the moment I really don't even care.

The whole time I was talking to Mia I was picturing Noah in my head, I know that what Mia did and what Noah did are two completely different things but telling Mia off is what I needed to do. I just can't have her anywhere near Claire.

 "Were you outside?" Shane asks me as I start to grab a plate of the food he made. I wasn't planning on telling him that I talked to Mia, I guess he herd the door open or close or something.

"Where's the baby?" I ask trying to get his mind on the something other then me. He starts to look around and he gets an unsure look on his face. He starts to head into the back of the apartment .

"You know he's going to come back, right?" Drew asks putting food on his plate.

"I haven't thought that far ahead though."  I sigh as I sit down at the bar next to Drew.

"She's still outside, I don't know if she'll leave without seeing Shane or Claire." Drew frowns

"My job is to keep Claire as far away from that woman as possible." Shane says putting Claire in her high chair. "I won't let anything happen."

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