Smut Paul brothers by JakePandLoganP
Smut Paul brothersby JakePandLoganP
So all the stories are different for each chapter if you don't wanna read this because it smut it okay but this is a warning because am not holding back
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logan paul || smut by -lovelylogan-
logan paul || smutby -lovelylogan-
#840 in fanfiction®
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Logan Paul Imagines by strangeloserthingss
Logan Paul Imaginesby Strangerthingssss
The title says it all! Requests are open!
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Texting Logan Paul by SmileyPerson4035
Texting Logan Paulby ~Ruby~
The best mistake that was waiting to happen. When Ruby accidentally types in the wrong number and texts a stranger, but Strangers turn into something more. idea from: Po...
  • romance
  • children
  • logan
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The Paul Sister by HiHowIsLife
The Paul Sisterby IM A GOOFY GOOBER
What is it like being a paul...the only daughter in the family...being left by the people who you thought would be there for you through everything?Find out what happens...
  • wdw
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  • jake
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Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 3 by -Satan_-
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 3by Logan ⚣
A third book? Holy shit why is anyone still reading lol A third book about a wonderful man named Thomas and his adorably sweet Sides! Hope you enjoy! (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎ 935TH...
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Sander Sides One Shots by destroyinglives
Sander Sides One Shotsby Logic™
(Highest #362 in FanFiction, #1 in Ships, #1 in princesanders, #1 in logansanders) Very loose update schedule
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Bowers gang preferences?? by d-delicate
Bowers gang preferences??by Takia ❀
Requests are {OpEn}
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Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots  by -Satan_-
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots by Logan ⚣
One shots for Thomas's sides ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ Second book is up now!
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Irresistible pecado (Mi hermanastro) by laura_12344566
Irresistible pecado (Mi hermanastr...by laura_12344566
Y si tu madre viniera de viaje con un hombre colgando de su brazo?Y si ese hombre tuviera un hijo?Y si el hijo fuera la peor persona y más mujeriega que hubiera conocid...
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Sander Sides One-shots by TrulyNothingEnds
Sander Sides One-shotsby Corynn
Oh, c'mon, Thomas is such a cinnamon roll, I HAD to do a collection of one-shots surrounding his sides. I take requests, but I also get writer's block A LOT. Warn...
  • prince
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Why Don't We Imagines by halo_music
Why Don't We Imaginesby Halo
Requests are open Some will be with names bc I don't like writing in y/n pov.
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The Run and Go || prinxiety by NotTheGodsFavorite
The Run and Go || prinxietyby smol bean
Roman cares deeply for Virgil. He wants to keep him safe, but he'll have to fight things more dangerous than dragon-witches to accomplish this.
  • virgil
  • morality
  • prinxiety
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Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 2  by -Satan_-
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 2 by Logan ⚣
Woaaaaaahhhh a second book? WOOOOAAAAHHHHHHHH A book about Thomas and his sides! Enjoy! (╹◡╹)♡
  • oneshots
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Sanders Sides Oneshots by Alexander_Cat98
Sanders Sides Oneshotsby Alexander
So I got bored and wanted to write some one shots. I will take requests. The first couple of oneshots are trash so feel free to skip those. There will be fluff and angst...
  • virgil
  • patton
  • prinxiety
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something different - daniel seavey (wdw) by sentyouflowers
something different - daniel seave...by becca
we fall in love, about a hundred times a day Highest Rankings: #4 in Different (22nd May 2018) #17 in Marais (22nd May 2018) #24 in Zach (22nd May 2018)
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • school
  • sad
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Sanders' Sides Oneshots by ringpopprince
Sanders' Sides Oneshotsby Bob
**this book does not and will not have triggering content. Anything that mentions or has anxiety or panic attacks in it will be warned at the beginning** THIS BOOK HAS...
  • logicxmorality
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pale || prinxiety by Gaylevion
pale || prinxietyby ♀ S A M ⚨
i used a pale shade of foundation for a reason. it hides a lot. it hides the red cheeks either from blushing, or when the skin gets irritated from tears. [Highest...
  • wattys2017
  • logic
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Deaf N. M by TionneStaples2
Deaf N. Mby Tian mi mi
A story in which a deaf girl from New York moves to Mystic Falls to fall in love with with an Original Vampire.
  • elijah
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  • gilbert
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