Polysanders high school AU by maxwell354
Polysanders high school AUby maxwell354
Polysanders Au
  • roman
  • patton
  • poly
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Bad Guy || Sanders Sides by Bekka911
Bad Guy || Sanders Sidesby Bekka
| Book 1 in the Sanders Series: Anxiety | 'If he was drowning, he'd just have to learn how to swim. Even if he was tempted to let himself go under.' || COMPLETED ||
  • teacher
  • sanders
  • thomas
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Sander sides- Vampire  by Doomkitten2004
Sander sides- Vampire by Doomkitten2004
Vampires! You hear about them In every horror movie but what if they are different from what you have know..... Four Vampires in an apartment. Four Different vampires li...
  • vampire
  • roman
  • supernatural
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Cause: Unknown by SparkeDawg
Cause: Unknownby SparkeDawg
Thomas Sander's gets sick by unknown causes and that makes the sides feel sick as well, but who gets hit with it the worse?
  • sanderssides
  • thomassanders
  • princey
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Anxiety (A Prinxiety Story) by SMOLOFTHEFANDOMS
Anxiety (A Prinxiety Story)by ded
Anxiety has secrets. Roman wants to know them. What happened when the youngest trait went missing? Where did he go? Why does he rarely talk now? Why does he freak out wh...
  • virgil
  • abitoflogicality
  • sanderssides
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knock on wood | howlett by fangirlingzoe
knock on wood | howlettby »zoe«
" there's this old habit of knocking on wood. they say it releases evil spirits, that it ensures good luck. we could use some of that, huh? " • { disclaimer :...
  • howlett
  • marvel
  • marvelfanfic
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Layla ~Locker Notes~  by livingfortessabrooks
Layla ~Locker Notes~ by livingfortessabrooks
"You were the little boy who had all the girlfriends" "I remember when you kissed me under the bleachers in first grade... then you ran away" "...
  • paul
  • teampaul
  • logan
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Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 3 by -Satan_-
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 3by Logan ⚣
A third book? Holy shit why is anyone still reading lol A third book about a wonderful man named Thomas and his adorably sweet Sides! Hope you enjoy! (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎ 935TH...
  • prince
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streets of gold by girlmeetscoffee
streets of goldby fenna
Ever since she said no to her one true love her life had been dull, the same daily routine over and over again. To the outside eye it may seem like she has everything. C...
  • christopher
  • rogan
  • finn
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Taking Whats His by aamelia
Taking Whats Hisby Amelia
I watched as it suddenly stopped its eyes continuing to stare into mine as if it was looking directly into my soul. I couldn't look away from its brown eyes despite the...
  • pack
  • logan
  • werewolf
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SanderSides smutshots by whytheflubber
SanderSides smutshotsby Emily cartiz
why the fuck not.. now there Will be all ships in here. your aloud to request if you want. there Will be super strong smut of super soft. maybe in the middle as well. I...
  • thomasx
  • wtfamidoingwithmylife
  • morality
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Peace •  Social Media  by tvdfoflife
Peace • Social Media by Gucci Vampire ♡
A new girl on team 10 what could go wrong....everything
  • anothny
  • ariana
  • jake
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Sander Sides One Shots by FaultyLogic
Sander Sides One Shotsby ۰۪۫o۪۫۰۰۪۫t۪۫۰۰۪۫a۪۫۰۰۪۫k۪۫۰۰...
No more requests (Highest #307 in FanFiction, #1 in Ships, #1 in princesanders, #1 in logansanders, #1 in logicsanders, #1 in moralitysanders, #1 in princeysanders, #1 i...
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"Daniel asked me to be his girlfriend," she spoke softly. The color rushed out of my face hearing the few words making my mouth grow dry. I tried to conceal th...
  • whydontwe
  • sadness
  • drama
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lovely // analogical by niclxo
lovely // analogicalby n i c k y
☆ O N G O I N G ☆ "Thought I found a way, Thought I found a way out, But you never go away, So I guess I gotta stay now." Virgil's the classic popular guy who...
  • morality
  • billieeilish
  • anxiety
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dear virgil // prinxiety ✔ by niclxo
dear virgil // prinxiety ✔by n i c k y
♡ C O M P L E T E D ♡ Dear Virgil, Today I learned a few things. What did I learn, you ask? 1. I learned that grape jelly with scrambled eggs in a sandwich aren't that b...
  • logan
  • thomassanders
  • romance
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BroKen~ Book 1 by StitchedIvy
BroKen~ Book 1by FatalInsanity
Five years away has changed a lot, which Virgil is still learning, as he tries to get back into the swing of things. With a past like his, it's hard to trust people, and...
  • anxietysanders
  • roman
  • vigril
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Prinxiety oneshots by hannahadams1000
Prinxiety oneshotsby ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
It may be weird to ship people who are essentially entities of the same person, but I don't really care! Enjoy, and feel free to leave advice/opinions/requests
  • princexanxiety
  • logan
  • anxiety
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pale || prinxiety by lake-zurich
pale || prinxietyby ♀ S A M ⚨
i used a pale shade of foundation for a reason. it hides a lot. it hides the red cheeks either from blushing, or when the skin gets irritated from tears. [Highest...
  • thomassanders
  • wattys2017
  • roman
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Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 4 by -Satan_-
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 4by Logan ⚣
The fourth book! Enjoú! ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ (About the characters: nearly all characters in this book - Thomas, Roman, Logan, Virgil, Patton, Deceit, Remy/Sleep, and The D...
  • morality
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  • lgbt
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