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(COMPLETE) I am Logan Sanders - Sanders Sides fanfiction. by ElSandersWrites
(COMPLETE) I am Logan Sanders - Sa...by ElSandersWrites
** Cover is fanart by Logansandersart on Instagram ** Logan wakes confused. He has no memory - of anything. He wouldn't have even known his name if it wasn't painted ove...
Sympathetic deceit  by DrDaringDolphin
Sympathetic deceit by DrDaringDolphin
This is basically a story about sympathetic deceit so if you don't like that DONT read this.
What is this?  - Loceit  by FanderUwU
What is this? - Loceit by Crofters~kun
Sorry i just fell in love with the ship after the Selfishness vs Selflessness Redux episode so i had to make a book for them. This is also my first book so idk. Anyhow...
Ignored (Dark Logan x Remus) by Fandom_Pal
Ignored (Dark Logan x Remus)by Fandom Pal
No spoilers Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGP00Z-tEqw&list=PLJqRaFHYz9JAmKMx8OYAbhT1uVG2REiy1&index=3
Flirt (Natasha Romanoff x Reader) by marvel_orion
Flirt (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)by VILLAIN MAKKRO
Y/N lived different kind of life compared to others. Her father is an ex-Spetsnaz (Russian elite force) and her mother is a highly trained sniper that is also a master...
2 am (texting au) by awquardweirdo
2 am (texting au)by Arrow
When Roman is at a party, he attempts to get three guys' numbers. Which he succeeded.. kinda at least. Each of the three gave out a wrong number which caused Roman with...
Sun and Moon by Ghost-Writer313
Sun and Moonby Ghost
Virgil is a survivor, doing his best not to be caught by the sun kingdom guards. He has done this for years. Stealing from others, but only what he cant afford (haha). W...
Dead Roommates | Sanders sides au by Wanted_D3ad_0r_Alive
Dead Roommates | Sanders sides auby full of contempt
Thomas moved into a cheap apartment, so he could be on his own. He didn't expect roommates, much less dead ones. (Fair warning- This story is only a first draft! I never...
Rebecca Gilbert  by TVD_Writer112
Rebecca Gilbert by TVD_Writer112
Rebecca is 8 years old. She was usually a very happy, talkative, and funny little girl. That is until her mom and dad died in a car crash. Now she just keeps to herself...
Science Experiments - IntruLoCeit by wog-woman
Science Experiments - IntruLoCeitby wog-woman
When Logan starts doing chaotic Science Experiments and games with the Dark Sides, he begins to fall in love with them! But the Light Sides could never know...or underst...
Logan Huntzberger | Cornelia Street by -voidackles
Logan Huntzberger | Cornelia Streetby kaylee.
in which two rich kids find sanctuary in each other. logan huntzberger x oc gilmore girls fic
𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐋𝐒, gilmore girls by nicbelles
𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐋𝐒, gilmore girlsby ˗ˏˋ NIC-FIL-A ˎˊ˗
"I've been seeing angels In my living room That have walked the sun And have slept on the moon." 𝐠𝐢𝐥𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐬 𝐬𝐞...
angel || l.huntzberger by indrassoup
angel || l.huntzbergerby 𝓚.
"did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" "did you just call me satan?" in which a trust fund boy meets a scholarship girl with a secret you'd never...
Sanders Sides Texting by Little-Macaron
Sanders Sides Textingby Daniel Wright
weird things are gonna happen. so be ware. also, I'm gonna add myself to the story XP
Beyond Broken by Anxi0us_Trash
Beyond Brokenby Anxi0us_Trash
Virgil use to be a dark side and life was less than perfect. but he's a light side now so everything should be ok... Right? Trigger warning, self harm #1 in virgilsander...
Vixen [ X-Men fanfiction] by Simoontjuhx
Vixen [ X-Men fanfiction]by GryffindorxGirl
[SpoilerAlert] [Duh] When Jodie was thirteen-years-old, her father sold her to Cooperation X, a laboratory where people experimented on her. She escaped, and live...
Scott Summers' Daughter by History_Nerd21
Scott Summers' Daughterby History_Nerd21
Tony Stark pulled up to the Xavier Institute. Students look at him in shock and in awe. He takes a little girl out of the back of his sports car. They Girl has brown ha...
Not Your Ordinary Family {Sanders Sides cat AU} by DewdropStudios
Not Your Ordinary Family {Sanders...by Droplet
I'll be using Deceit's real name Janus (Deceit), Patton, Remus, Roman, and Logan are feral cats living in an abandoned barn. Life was simple and quaint until Janus come...
X Men Animal Instincts by IronMan2105
X Men Animal Instinctsby IronMan2105
Hayden Taylor, was only five when her mutant abilities were discovered, she's been experimented on after that, now she's thirteen and on the run, What happens when Prof...
finding thea by atheakings
finding theaby Athea Kings
My life is not a fairy tale. No fairy godmother came to save me when my mom abused me. No prince charming came to fight away the nightmares I have every single night. Bu...