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Where r u??- Missy (: 

Almost there!! I say in responce.

Shane would kill me if he knew I was texting and driving. I'll be fine, putting my phone down. As I drive into the school parking lot, I see my friends. My best friend Adam, who was with his girl friend of the week Erika, and her frinds was the girls Rachel, Jessica, Melissa, and the guys: Josh, Matt, Ryan. Finally I see Missy. Damn, she's hot.  She's 5'3, a which was really short compared to me 6'2. She's blonde and she has such a  nice body. I get out of the car and my friends wait for me as soon as i get over to them Missy walks up and kisses me. I say hey to my other friends, and then the bells rings and everyone clears out and I walk Missy to class.

"Why haven't I been to your house yet?" she asks softly.

"Um, I'm not sure." I say uneasily.

"Oh, okay," she says looking upset.

"You can come over for dinner tonight if you want" I say without thinking

"Really?! " she sounds excited

"Yeah, no problem," I say with my brain turned off.

What is Shane gonna say.

She kisses me as she runs into her class. I have no problem being late, I always am. How could I be so stupid?! I just invited her for dinner! . In first period, I tune out in disbelief. I still couldn't believe that shes coming over for dinner. Britt was going to be there, as well as Shane and Claire.This night is going to be great i thought sarcastically .

i cant wait 4 2night! Shit! I forgot to turn my phone off!

"Mr. Cooper."

I look up and I see my math teacher Mrs. Plume, staring into my soul with her beaty little eyes.

"Yes?" I say sheepishly. I was totally busted at this point. God,  I just hope she won't give me detention.  If i was late for dinner with Brittany, Shane woud never drop it.

"Would you like to share your message with the rest of the class?" she said sternly.

"I'm good thanks." The rest of the class laughed.

"I'm not amused Mr. Cooper" she said to me like she hates me (which she does)

"It won't happen again, I'm sorry." I say with a sigh. 

She hates me with a burning passion. Thankfully she gave me a warning. If I got a note saying I was  texting in class, Shane would have my head.


The bell finally rang for school to get out. I was so happy it was over with. Yet Missy was coming home with me tonight. I didn't even want to think about what  Shane and Brittany were going to say. Well she wasn't my girl friend, so maybe I would be off the hook. Shane never lets me talk to girls. It's like he wants me to like guys or something. Missy and I never had done anything we made out a little bit actually a lot we did that alot. I barley knew her at all. We were never alone togeher we were always at parties or with our friends i never had people over and she invited me over a few times but ever time i end canceling because i have to help my brother with the baby. 

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