I throw the phone on my bed and I run out the back door and stare at the water. It's the same water that Drew, Cole and I use to play in when we were kids. Seems like life was so much easier back then, come to think of it, it was. There wasn't anything for me to worry about but myself. I mean I always worried about my siblings no matter what. I always protected Brittany in every way possible. I felt like she was my little sister even though she's older then me. Cole and I use to be so close, he was my best friend. Well him and Drew. But I can't believe how much we have grown apart from each other. We use to tell each other every thing. Now all we do is lie to each other. Hell, I don't even know my little sister Courtney.

I sit and just think about my whole life. Until Drew comes and stands next to me and stares at the water with me. "Hey." He says to me.

"Hi." I mumble back.

"I know it's the last thing you want to talk about but, Where's Claire?" He asks in concern.

"With Adam's mom." I say and clench my fists into balls.

"And Cole?"

I look over at Drew as he's waiting for the answer. "Logan's." I say and sit down on one of the lawn chairs behind us.

"Logan? He moved away when Cole was a freshman, remember?"

I don't say anything. Instead I just look at Drew, then it finally clicks.

"He drove all the way to go hang out with Logan? He's actually like an hour away from us." Drew makes me realize.

"You don't think they were going here, do you?" I ask him.

"I'm not sure, maybe." He takes a sip of whatever is in his cup. I stare at him the whole time. Just watching makes me want to go get a beer, but I know I shouldn't so I won't go get one.

"Should we go home?" He asks me. I can tell that he doesn’t want to leave at all, I don't either. I know where my daughter is and I know that she's probably safer with Adam's mom then my brother and his friend. I should have just asked her in the first place.

"Let me call Stacy and I'll just check in with her and make sure it's okay for her to watch Claire the rest of the weekend. I'm sure it won't be a problem." He nods at me. "I need this weekend to just clear my head." He gives me another nod.

"I'm going to tell the girls that Claire and every one is okay." Drew tells me and then walks inside.

I think I was a little harsh on Cole. Okay yeah he did totally let me down when I trusted him with Claire, but I know that Adam's mom is going to take way better care of her then they could. I almost regret not asking my sister, but then again I don't want me daughter around that jackass that she calls a fiance. I only said things that were going to hurt him. I told him that I wanted him to move out. That wasn't true at all. Yeah he bugs me but I need him. He helps me out so much with Claire. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it by my self. Yeah, I do have Drew, Kelsey, Hannah, and Brittany, but it isn't the same.

"Shane?" Kelsey says pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, what's up." I say looking over at her.

"I herd everything you said to your brother. I know you didn't mean a word of it."

I don't say anything.

"Cole thinks you hate him, Shane. Everyone else knows the truth but he doesn’t. You need to talk to him. I don't want you losing anything you guys have. You two are some of the closest brothers ever. I don't want to see that all go away because you were mad at him. You'll get over it."

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