My brother is a smart guy that does stupid things. Why he does these things, I'm not sure. But what I do know is that he needs to start making better choices. I won't Claire to  grow up having Shane act like a dumb ass.

Shane is asleep on the couch still and Drew went home to help Kelsey with Claire. Shane is lucky to have friends like that. They could have just turned their backs on him and let him suffer it out. It's not Claire's fault though and I think that's why they stepped in.

It's a little weird that Shane is starting to act like this again. He was doing so well for a really long time. Yeah he drank, sure but he almost never went overboard. And this is the third time I've seen him drunk in the same month. I just really hope this a just some weird phase. I don't want to have to be responsible for my older brother.

I'm in my room doing make up work, since I couldn't go to school this morning because Shane wasn't here and I can't leave Claire alone. I hear someone knock at my door. "Come in." I call out.

"We need to talk." Shane says closing the door. I'm not sure why though since we are the only people in the apartment.

"Yeah, you messed up. Everyone does. I don't care. I just think you should get your head out of your ass." I say not looking up from my work.

Shane rubs his hands over his face."I know. That was the last party, I promise. But we have to talk about something else."

"What is it? Are you going to yell at me?" I groan.

"No, I just want to talk to you. Wanna get lunch or something?"

"It's seven." I say and glance at the clock.

"I know, Lets go get something to eat and get the baby from Drew and Kels."

I nod and leave my work on the bed and put my shoes on. I'm not sure why Shane wants to talk to me. Maybe Hannah was right and he does want us to be closer. It would mean a lot to me if my brother and I were closer.

"Just a Coke for now." Shane says to the waitress

He looks over at me,"Same." She nods and walks off.

"So why are we here?" I look back at my brothers deep blue eyes.

"Well..." His voice trails off and he's looking behind me, so I turn around and look to see what he's looking at.

"Why are you checking out that girl. You have a girlfriend." I say and kick him under the table.

"That's not a girl, that's Maggie." Shane's eyes are glued on her, whoever she may be.

"I'm pretty sure that's a girl, Shane."

"Yeah, the girl that is best friends with the mother of my child." Shane looks at me, he looks pale almost like he doesn’t know what to do.

"You want to go somewhere else?" I ask.

"I'm pretty sure she's following me." Shane tells me.

"Why would she be doing that?"

"You know as little as I do." He sighs.

"Shane, we need to talk." The Maggie chick says walking up to the table.

"I'd rather not talk to you Maggie."

"Shane, Mia is ready to come back into the baby's life."

"Is that so? Well guess what, she isn't allowed to just walk in and out of my daughter's life. She decided to leave us and she isn't suppose to turn back around. I get along fine without her. So dose Claire. She doesn't need Mia." Shane's voice goes shaky.

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