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Shane like freaked out on me and tried to kick me out of the house. What the heck right? Yeah, and then Britt came back and he said I could stay. I'm not sure what's going on in his mind but all I do know that he's acting super weird.

Shane literally ran into his room and started getting ready and then told me that Drew was keeping Claire for tonight and I was pretty much on my own for tonight. Which was fine, I was probably going to sneak Noah into my room so I can sleep with her in my arms.

But for now, I'm all by my self bored out of my freaking mind. I glance over at the clock and realize that it's later then I thought quarter to eleven. Great, Noah's asleep already and now I really have nothing to do. I pull out my phone and press in Adam's number.

"What's up beautiful?" Why does he answer his phone like this, beats me.

"Who you with?" I say shooting whipped cream into my mouth.

"Logan, why?"

"I'm bored out of my mind; do you have any dope left?"

"I can get my hands on some, what about Mr. Daddy?" Our code name for Shane, which isn't very creative.

"He's not home tonight. Come over." I tell Adam and I hang up and turn on my Xbox, while I wait I guess I could kill some zombies.

"IT'S NOT ME IT'S MY STUPID LAG! WHY DON'T YOU HAVE MY BACK?! WHAT THE HELL?" I'm screaming into my microphone because I'm playing online, I now remember why Shane wouldn't let me play anymore.

The door opens and I know who it is but I can't take my eyes off the screen even for a millisecond.

"Dude, chill with the rage, we can hear you from the street." Logan tells me.

"Does it look like I give a damn?" I say with my eyes glued to the screen still.

"We going to smoke or not?" Logan asks us. Whoa, Logan must have had a bad week or something because he gave up smoking when his cousin went to jail for possession. I mean we all cut back but Adam and I couldn't say goodbye, then Logan moved away and we only smoked on occasion.

"You don't smoke so why does it matter?" I say taking my headset off and getting up and turning off the Xbox.

"I do tonight." He grumbles, not sure what got his panties in a bunch but whatever. Only thing that matters is that I wanna have a good time tonight.

Luckily there's a gas leak and school so we can't go back for the rest of the week. Sweet. I hope it's never fixed.

"Dude do you even have any freaking food? I'm already hungry and I haven't even smoked anything yet." Adam starts bitching at me.

"Shane just went shopping, yes we have food now stop bitching and give me your lighter." Adam hands me the weed and a lighter and I take a hit out of Shane's bong.

"Give me that, where'd you get this?" Adam asks amazed.

"Back of Shane's closet. Sweet isn't it?"

"If you two ladies are done chit-chatting I would gladly take a hit now." Seriously Logan's in a really pissy mood but it doesn't matter; I'm starting to drift off.

"Do you have ice cream?" Logan asks. I'm surprised, I forgot how sober he acts when he's not. Logan use to be so much fun. Don't get me wrong, I love the kid to death it's just sometimes he can be a prude.

I'm glad I did this, I love the feeling. No wonder Shane would do this so much until he had Claire, it's a fucking blast.

"I'm horny, I'm calling Missy." Adam says to Logan and I. Or maybe he was talking to himself I'm not sure.

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