I had a an amazing night, a great morning, and was having a good day until Cole came home high. I can't be that mad because I know something isn't right. Cole is a good kid and he doesn't just go and get high for no reason. I still have to punish him but I feel guilty from that weekend with my friends where I did the same thing, Cole doesn't need to know that.

I wouldn't be as worried if we wasn't weren't going to my mom's house for dinner. She tries to get everyone together on Fridays so we can go over to her house and we hang out with the family. My sister is picking up Claire so I don't have to worry about her and my high brother. I have no idea where Adam is and apparently Logan moved back here.

"Logan!" I call out, he rushes out into the kitchen and waits for me to say something. "We have to go to my moms tonight." I look over at him while packing a diaper bag. He widens his eyes at me, "You think he can act normal by then?"

"I use to do it all the time, but he should come down by then. Haven't you smoked before?" I pause for a minute and look at him. "No, is that a crime? No if I was smoking it would be." He says in defense.

"That's good that you don't. I respect it man." I say walking into Claire's room and getting pajamas. "Thanks, but what would your mom say if she found out?" He asks.

"I don't wanna find out." The door bell rings before we can talk about it more and I call out, "Come in!" Hannah walks in and I kiss her a peck on the cheek. "You ready to meet my mom?"  I ask because I know she's freaking out about it. She playfully punches my arm, "You'll be fine sweetie." I say and kiss the top of her head.

"Hi." Logan says to Hannah and she goes and give him a small hug. "Is Drew going to be there?" Logan asks. "Probably, I don't know though, I haven't talked to him all day."

"Why not?" Hannah looks concerned.

"He's been working at the store and I've been working from home."

"Good, I don't want you to fighting." She says with a simple smile.

"Okay?" I question. "How's Cole acting?" I ask Logan.

"He's coming down." He says with relief. "Slowly though."

"He was high?" Hannah gives me a mom stare.

"It wasn't like I gave it to him, I didn't even know until he got home." I explain. She gives me a glare.

I continue to pack the bag and when I'm finished I go in my room to get dressed. After I walk to Cole's room to see what he's doing. He's in his bathroom looking in the mirror, I'm pretty sure he's come down.

"Are you ready to go?" I ask

"My eyes are not going back." He says and looks over at me, they’re better then they were but his eyes are still red. I don't think my mom will notice though.

"It's fine, no one can tell, lets go."

"What;s the big rush?" He whines at me.

"Brittany has Claire, I want to go see my daughter."

"And you don't want Jesse near her."  He smirks at me.


I open the door to my moms house and everyone is already here, my family likes to be early. Cole and I seem to disagree with them. We say hi to everyone and I go into the living room to find Claire. She's playing with some of my old stuff that my mom probably found in Cole's and I's room. My mom hasn't changed anything about our old room since we left it. I think she hopes that we are going to come home again someday and live her. I just don't want to have to be the one to tell her that it isn't going to happen.

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