Hi guys :D. Alright so were back into *SHANE'S* point of view again. And i did have some writers block for awhile but I did finish the chapter and i hope you like it. And i love you my fans so much <3 i really hope you're liking the story and whats going on. Oh it might be a little bit before i can update again. I'm moving this weekend and i wont have Internet until the 16th so ill hopefully get another chapter ready before that.

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If there is a single parent class I'm pretty sure rule number one would be : If you are planning on having  a girl in your room and not telling anyone, make sure you lock the door. I can't believe I had the door unlocked. What was I thinking?

When Cole walked into my room, I left like I was back in high school again and I had just been caught by my dad. The only thing is that my dad wouldn't have cared and he would have just told me to use protection. Let's just say my father isn't father of the year. Cole probably hates me. I really pray that he doesn't say anything to Courtney. She shouldn't know what happened. I look like a really crappy brother and father right now. I think about Claire. I don't want her growing up with just a bunch of girls in my life. I'm done with the going from girl to girl thing. I just can't do it anymore. I have things in my life that are just too important. Like my daughter.

It actually could have been worse now that i think about it. We weren't doing anything yet so he saw us making out, big deal, I'm sure he's seen much worse.  And if he hasn't seen it then I know he's herd about it. Considering Drew talks about his sex life with Cole instead of me and I have no idea why. Well actually it may have something to do with the fact that I can't hear about him banging someone who is like a sister to me. It completely grosses me out. Cole must not seem to care.

Hannah left after the whole thing with my brother. Can I blame her? I would want to leave too. Hell, I do want to leave. But when you have a child you can't just pick up at leave whenever you want, that kind of sucks sometimes. Speaking of being a father, I could hear Claire talking to herself on the baby monitor. It drives my insane that she rarely ever sleeps through the night. My mom had told me that I did the same thing at her age, and that i didn't grow out of it until I was five. Lovely.  Since Claire isn't crying yet I'm just going to leave her and hopefully she'll go back to sleep.

I can hear someone in my kitchen. Well since I'm sleeping I get up to see who it is. It's Cole getting cereal at three in the morning. "What are you doing?" I ask him "Getting a midnight snack." He says dryly. "It's three in the morning." I tell him. "Yeah but I would sound stupid if I said a three in the morning snack." He explains to me. I look at him blankly and then say “Um yeah, good point?" "Why are you up?" He asks with a mouth full of Cheerios. "When aren't I? Come on Cole you aren't three, chew with your mouth closed." I tell him acting like a parent. He rolls his eyes at me. I go and grab a bottle of water for myself and sit down on one of the bar stools.

"How long have you been seeing her?" Cole asks out of the blue. “A couple weeks not too long." I say. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asks. What was i suppose to say? That I didn't want to have "the talk" with him so I put off having telling him about Hannah for as long as possible. "I didn't want to have to talk to you about sex." I blurt out. Okay, clearly my brain and I are not on the same side. Cole almost spits out his cereal.” Talk about what?!" He yells. "Sex" I repeat. "Ahh. No! Don't say it again!" Cole is overreacting i think to myself. "Are you really going to act that way?" I question. He nods his head at me. "Cole, trust me I don't want to talk about it anymore then you do but we have to." I say to him. "Or, we could just skip it and pretend it happened." He suggests. I give him a You-are-a-dumbass-look. He rolls his eye at me once more. "Go ahead. Ask me anything." I say not knowing how to start off this conversation.

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