"Drew, give me another beer." I slur my words and try to stand up but can't so I fall to the floor. "Shane, you can't even stand up. You going to puke every where in a little bit anyway." "I'm not seventeen. I can hold it down now." I tell him but I think he's right, I might puke. "Cole! You need to stop drinking!" My mom tells me. "Okay, I'll tell Cole to stop drinking." "You know I meant Shane." I nod at her. I usually don't drink in front of my family but I was already buzzed once everyone got here.

No one knows where Cole is. I bet Adam knows but he won’t tell us. Cole lied to me. God knows what else he's lied about. When Cole gets mad he gets really mean. He finds the most awful things to say about you and then uses that against you. It made me feel horrible when he brought up the fact that I didn't know where Claire was. I told my mom I could handle my daughter and my brother, i just don't know if I can do that any more.

"Shane! Where is Claire?!" My mother shouts at me. "At my girl friends house, I told you that already." You have a girlfriend and you didn't tell me?" I glare at her. "Are you giving me a dirty look, Shane Alexander?" "No mom." I slur my words since I'm drunk. "Shane, you need to stop drinking." Brittany tells me. "Britt leave him alone." My mom tell her like were little kids. “I think you guys should leave." I say to my mom. "What about your brother?" She asks me. “Mom, it's almost three in the morning. If he was coming back wouldn't he have don’t it by now?" I snap her. I can see the hurt look on her face when she says,"Yeah, I suppose you're right. Come on Robert, get the kids and lets go." She looks like she's about to cry. I hate seeing my mom cry. "Mom, I'm sorry. I have a lot on my mind right now." "I know you're hurting baby." She says pulling me into a hug. "How?" I question. "I'm your mom, I can just tell. That and you don't drink like this when you're fine." "Thanks mom." I say and I watch her and her family leave.

“Brittany, why are you still here." "Hey, just because you made your brother leave doesn't mean you have to be a dick to everyone." Jesse says to me. "Hey, maybe you should get the hell out of my house." I say standing up ready to fight with this bastard. "You better watch your self Cooper." Jesse tells me. "What you 'gunna do about it?" I slur my words then proceed to push Jesse. "Did you just do that?" "Well you didn't fall on by your self." I say "Hey, can I talk to you, in the other room." Drew says pulling my arm while Adam grabs the other and they pull me into my room. "Babe, Can you some with me?" Brittany says to Jesse pulling him into Cole's room.

"Shane, get your self together!" Drew yells at my and shoving on my bed. "I could have totally taken that guy!" I yell at him."Yeah, and your sister would hate you forever for beating up her future husband!" Adam says joining in with the yelling. I roll my eyes at them. "Whatever." I mumble under my breath. "You need to sober up." Adam tells me. "No I'm fine." I say then run into my bathroom and throw up. Adam rolls his eyes after I come back and sit on my bed.

“Adam, just tell me that he's safe and somewhere he won't get into trouble." I ask him. I knew Adam knows where Cole is. He wouldn't leave like this and not tell Adam, they tell each other everything. I think they're closer then Drew and I and that's hard to beat. “He’s safe." Adam says avoiding eye contact with me. "...And staying out of trouble right?" I ask slowly. "He could be." Adam says. "What the hell does that mean?" Drew asks. "He's at Noah's house." He spits out. "But don't say I said anything, he's blackmailing me." "With what?" Drew asks. Adam hesitates "Nothing..." "He's at the girl's house, and they're probably getting it on. Awesome." I groan and look up at the ceiling. "Just because I'm not a virgin doesn't mean all I care about is sex." Cole says standing in my door way.

The first thing I want to do is hug my brother. But I don't. "Why did you come back?" I ask him. "You want me to leave?" He says in a smart ass way. "We can talk about this in the morning, you two need to get some sleep, you both look like crap." Drew says pointing at me and my brother. "Okay, fine." I say and watch Cole and Adam walk out of the room, I throw some blankets and pillows on the floor for Drew and right as I'm about you turn off my light Cole and Adam walk back into my room.

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