Texting and driving would probably be the stupidest thing I've ever done. I put Noah and my life in danger. I'm lucky things turned out the way they did because it could have a whole lot worse.

I haven't seen Shane awake since that night. I feel bad because we were both in the hospital but I was the only getting attention.I hear a knock on the door and I want to go back to bed. It's only eight in the morning and I'm still in my underwear. I hear them knock again when I don't answer. I'll just pretend I'm still asleep and hopefully they go away. I think it's my step-siblings. Since Courtney knows I'll kill her if she wakes me up early. I hear the door open. I'm under the blankets so I can't see them. 

"Presley, go away." I growl.

"I would if I was Presley." I hear Adam say.

"Why the helll are you hear at eight in the morning?"

"We're going to Drew's because Shane's coming home. That's where the baby is too."

"Do we have to go now?" I groan at my bestfriend.

"We'er going. I don't care if I have to drag you in your underwear."

"Give me like an hour or so." I say lifting the blanket over my head.

Adam leaves my room and i fall back asleep.

It' seem like I got to sleep for another thirty seconds before Adam comes back in my room and is dragging my by my feet down the stairs. "Help!" I call out but I know none of my family would help me if it was Adam. Somehow Adam managed to get my in the car and we're going down the street. Only problem, I'm still in my underwear. I'm fuming at my best friend right now.

"I hate you." I him as we're pulling into Kelsey and Drew's driveway. It's going to be nice seeing Clarei. It's been like a week since I've actually spend real time with her. I'm so busy with Noah and school and my own life, that I almost forgot why I moved in with Shane in the first place.

I get out of the car and walk up to the front door. Of course it would be locked when I'm standing in my underwear for all of the neighbors to see. I ring the door bell at least ten times before I can hear Kelsey yelling at me to stop. It's funny to piss her off so, I decide to keep ringing the bell until the moment she opens the door.

"Why are you so irritating? Why aren't you wearing pants?" Her face looks confused.

"Cole, way to dress up for the occasion." Drew says and closes the door behind us.

"I was forced to come here." I groan and sit on the couch.

"UNCLE!" Claire screams so loud, I didn't think that she could reach that level of volume.

I pick her up and hug her tight, it seems like forever since I last saw her.

"Where's Daddy?" She stares at my with her giant blue eyes, they start with fill with tears. I look over at Kelsey and she tries to mouth something at me but I'm not sure what it is. Claire looks around the room and she realizes everyone is watching her and she starts to cry. "Daddy!" She cries and lifts her arms up to Drew. He picks her up and Claire puts her head on Drew's shoulder and she cries even louder and harder then before.

"Here baby, come to Daddy." Shane says and Claire stops crying immediately.Claire's crying masked over the sound of the door opening and Shane walking in. Claire is probably really tired because of the melt down she just had and the fact that she's already falling asleep on my brother's shoulder. Shane walks down the hall and sits with Claire until she's completely asleep. He comes out of the room almost twenty minutes later.

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