Everyone left the hospital except me since I didn't want Harmony and Rayn all alone. I'm almost falling asleep in the chair when I feel my phone going off in my pocket. I check my watch and realize that it's almost two in the morning and I have no clue who could be calling me. Well it could be Hannah, thinking that it's my girlfriend I pull it out of my pocket and see it's my mom. This can't be good. Why would she call me at two in the morning?

"Mom?" I whisper since Harmony is sleeping.

"Shane! You need to get to the hospital!" She cries into the phone.

"I'm at the hospital. What’s going on?"

"Did the police already call you?" My mother sobs into the phone.

"Why would the police be calling me?" I'm starting to freak out. "Did something happen to Courtney? Or one of the step-members?"

"It's Cole!" She screams in the phone, "He was texting and driving and ran a stop sign! He's in critical condition! So is the girl!"

I drop my phone, I know it my text that he looked at in the car. I put my baby brother in the hospital. I didn't know that he would read it while driving, I thought I had taught him better. I can hear my mom screaming my name on my phone which was now on the floor.

Critical condition, critical condition, critical condition. The words wouldn't stop pounding through my brain.  I start feeling dizzy and my chest hurts. I'm breathing hard. What's happening to me?

I wake up to three white walls, at first I thought it was all a dream and I see these stupid white walls. I see Hannah sitting over in a chair looking down at her phone. I don't have the energy to talk nor do I want to. It's almost like I can't.

She sees that I’m awake and rushes over to me. Why the hell am I in the hospital, I need to see my brother. I see my baby sister come into the room and ask Hannah if I've said anything, Hannah starts bawling after she chokes out the words "He hasn't said a word."

 It's not that I can't talk I just don't want to. I know the accident is my fault and I won't ever forgive myself if something bad happens to Cole.

"Shane, can you please talk to me?" My little sister walks up next to me and I stare at her. I won't talk.

I guess you could see it on my face because when I saw Drew coming down the hall my sister turned to see what I was looking at. It's finally someone who won't push me to do something I don't want to do.

"He hasn't said a word or reacted to anything anyone’s said." Hannah explains to my best friend.

"Hey man." Is she only thing our of his mouth. It makes me smile. I wish he could read my mind. it would make things a hell of a lot easier. Where's Claire?

"Claire's at home with Kels, she's coming later." Whoa, how did he do that? Okay, lets try two for two. How's Cole?

"Cole is going to be just fine, he's pretty banged up though." It's almost scary how well Drew knows me. Wait, what about Noah?

"Noah is actually okay right now, she's just staying over night to keep an eye on her. Cole hasn't woken up yet." Drew tells me softly.

"it wasn't your fault. It was Cole and the other driver." Drew looks at me like I'm a child.

"My mom said it was Cole who ran the stop sign." Courtney says looking over at Drew.

"The other driver was drunk and ran the stop sign on his side too. But everyone is going to be okay."

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