Shane was in a really good mood this morning. It was almost gross how happy he was. He even made me a lunch to take to school. I guess that means that he had a mood night with Hannah. At least someone is having good luck in their relationship. On the other hand, I haven't talked to Noah since our fight.

It's not like I haven't tried to talk to her, but she avoids me with all her might. She's been hanging around with my step sisters and her friends. It' drives me crazy that Sapphire wont tell me anything about her. I just need to go and talk to her and not take no for an answer.

On another note, my math teacher wont stop asking for my report card until she gets it. That means I have to face the music and tell Shane that I failed math and history. I really don't want to have that talk.

"Cole, what's the answer?" Mr. H asks me because he knows I'm zoning out.

"I got x equals eight." I say confidently, the whole class starts to laugh and Mr. Handel gives me a dirty look.

"Was I even close?" I ask sheepishly.

"Considering that the answer was adverb, and that we are in English not math, I would say no you were not close."

The bell rings before I can embarrass myself any more and I walk out of the room.

"Eight? You thought that would help you?" Adam says standing to my left

"I was thinking about math class." I mumble and keep walking.

"What's your deal? Hav-" Adam stops talking and throws his head in the direction behind me.

"What?" I turn around and see Noah standing there.

"I'm ready to talk now..." She says and bites her lip. I look over my shoulder to see if Adam was still there, he wasn't thank goodness.

"Come with me." I grab her my the arm and pull her in the guys bathroom. I check to make sure no one is in here before I start to talk to her about anything.

"You do realize what people are going to say because we are both in here right?" I give her a glare.

"I miss you." She says and I look down at her,

"You completely over reacted. She was just a friend."

"A friend you lost your virginity to." She spits at me. Her words make me stop and actually think about what she just said. Yeah it was true, but I have no clue how she found that out. I was way to young and it was really rushed, I was only fourteen. Caroline and I were really close and we thought we knew what we were doing. I just have idea how Noah would find out about my past with Caroline. It wasn't really any of her business and it doesn't matter what I’ve done with other people.

"How.. .how did you find that out?" I stutter to get out.

"I have my ways, that’s why I got so crazy."

"How long have you known." I ask seriously.

"When you spilled my coffee all over me, I did my research." She looks at me.

"You researched me? Like asking around? You know how low that makes me feel, that you had to go around asking random people semi-true information? You have no idea who knows that truth and you could been fed a bunch of lies, and you were going to let fake information determine our relationship. That's messed up."

"Cole, I'm sorry! I didn't know you, or anybody! I just wanted to know if you were a good guy or if you were just a creep who was hitting on me! But I found out a lot of stuff, and I realized I didn't care and that I was going to try to get to know you myself. I don't care what anyone else says.

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