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I'm sure what happened back in Shane's room. The only thing I know is that Kelsey ran out of the house without saying anything except "Shane's an ass". Claire herd. Its only dumb luck that she isn't repeating it. Drew's still here but he hasn't said one word to Shane. Something happened and I wanted to find out what. But of course no one tells me anything because I'm just stupid little brother Cole. As always, that's always what I've been in Shane and this friends eye's. Actually everyone thinks that of me. Well, okay, that's not entirely true. My little sister doesn't think that. And neither does Adam. But I'm getting really sick of people not tell me anything around here.

"What's going on?" I ask Drew, who is holding Claire. "Shane went off on Kelsey." He grumbles "Why?" “He’s a jackass." "Dude." I point to Claire to can hear everything we're saying. "Claire, sweet heart, your daddy's a jackass." She giggles in response. "Hey, I know Shane can be a jerk at times but i don't want my niece hearing that." I tell him. He glares at me. "Don't glare at me Drew." "Cole unless you want to get hit in the face i suggest you stop talking." "Don't talk to him like that." Shane says coming out of his room. "I'm pretty sure Cole can fight his own battles." I could tell this wasn't going to end well. "Yeah, you’re right he can. But in my house I don't want to hear it. Understand?" "Shane I don't think I do. You should explain it." Drew says standing up "You're almost too stupid insult." "Shane, you need to apologize to my girlfriend. Now." “If she learned how to keep her mouth shut, I don't think we would be having a problem. Now would we?" Cooper, you better watch your mouth." "What's going to happen if I don't Carson?" Once Drew and Shane start calling each other by their last names it automatically means trouble... like physical trouble. Now i probably should stop this before it gets out of hand, But I think they both need to beef it out with each other. They don't usually fight like this but when they do they always end up realizing that they're being stupid. Claire starts to cry and either of them notices. They're to busy yelling awful things at each other. So i take Claire and try to calm her down. The next thing i know Shane gets hit in the face and then so does Drew. They start getting to a huge fight.

Claire won't stop crying. She's freaked out. Why would she not be? She just witnessed her dad and her uncle beat the living crap out of each other. I shouldn't have stayed to watch the fight. Actually what I should have done is tried to break it up or at least take Claire into the other room. The only reason they stopped is because they knocked over the lamp and my brother had to fix it. I finally get the baby to relax and go to sleep. But if she wakes back up she won't go back down so who ever wakes her up. I'm going to kill them. I look at my phone. I had six missed calls and eleven texts. All from Courtney, my little sister. Who i was supposed to pick from soccer practice at six thirty. It's now a quarter to eight. Holy crap. My mom is going to kill me.  That is if Shane doesn’t first.

I walk out and find Shane by himself. I have no clue how Drew got home but he isn't here anymore."Shane i need your keys." "Why." he says muffled through a paper towel to stop him bloody nose. "Because, Kelsey took mine and I have no clue where are they are." "Where do you have to go that's so important?" He questions "Promise you won't kill me?"  Say slowly. "Cole...” "Shane...” "Cole, My head feels like its going to explode I don't even have the energy to kill you right now." "I have no idea where Courtney is." waiting to get yelled at. Shane glances at the clock and says " I can't see that far, What’s it say.." "Eight." I tell him. "We we're suppose to get her two hours ago." He tells me. "Where's your phone." I ask.  "Shit, She's probably call a thousand times." "She called me six." I tell him”It’s official. We are the worst older brothers of all time."  "Shane, no offence... but I don' think you earned the best father award tonight either." I say quietly. “Even when you say no offence, it still hurts Cole. But I know what you mean. She herd everything that I said. And saw everything that happened." I can tell that Shane's taking that pretty hard. “I better find Court." I tell him. He nods, i can tell that he's thinking about what happened today.

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