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Okay, so maybe i shouldn't have lied to my brother about  Hannah. What is wrong with me? I get laid and the only thing i can think of is my brother? Hannah thought she herd one of the babies so she went to check on them. I just lay there in her bed looking at the ceiling. Where are my jeans I think to my self? Hell, I don't even remember taking them off last night everything happened so fast. Which it shouldn't have and we both knew that. I can only pray that we used protection. The last thing i remember from last night is making out on the couch. I have no clue if we did it there and then came here or not. Wow i really needed sleep. I cant remember a damn thing right now. I haven't had a descent nights sleeping over a week. My head feels like its spinning out of control. i really needed to find my jeans.  I didn't know who was awake and who was out in the living room. But what i did know that there are two little girls in the house and i didn't need them seeing anything they aren't suppose to.

I sit up and notice Hannahs whole room is completly spotless. Come to think of it so was her whole apartment. With two babies i have no clue how she kepted it so clean. Hannahs only been to my aprentment a couple of times and it always looks...well it looks like theres two guys living there. My sister use to come over and clean it up everyweek, but since she starting dating that guy i barely see Britteny anymore. I still cant believe shees getting marired. I still think the guys a tool , but i cant tell my sister that. She'd just freak out on me and when Brit has a meltdown everyone around is miserable.

I really needed to find my jeans and my phone and get out of here. Wow okay, now i sound like a tool. She knows that i can have my brother living with me and i have all of Claire's stuff there. It was too dark to see anything except for outlines of he furniture. I find a towel on the floor, rap it around me and go and try to find my clothes.

I walk into the living room and find my jeans on one of the dinning room chairs. I look over and see my boxers on  the table. Wow my memory sucks if i dont even remmeber that.. I kinda wish i did. Damnit I need to get my mind our of the gutter and focus on getting Claire and going home.

Once i put on my clothes i find my phone in my pocket. I pull it out and find that i have 14 messages. 12 from Cole, One from my best friend, Drew, and one from my sister. Plus i have at least twenty missed calls from Cole. I actually just stopped counting after twenty.

After i put clothes on, I found my phone, and looked at the clock. 6:27. Is what my phone said once i was finally able to check the time. I really needed to get back home and to Cole, before he starts asking more questions about where I'v been and who'v  i been with. I could'nt lie to him forever even if i wanted to. I felt guilty every time i came over and it was driving me crazy. I thought about Hannah. Was it fair that i was keeping her a secret  from everyone? Wow I'm a dick. i had to tell someone other then my best friend, Drew, i told him everything from the time we starting being friends so i couldn't really lie to him. and if i did he would be able to tell in an instant.

It was'nt like i was ashamed of Hannah. Shes amazing, fun, sexy, beauitful, and so much more. But i havent dated anyone since Claires mom, Mia. Some days i wish that i was still back in highschool and i still was with her. I don't regrett my baby though. Shes the one thing in my life that means the world to me. Her, my siblings and mom. My dad and I dont get along anymore after he cheated on my mom and married a tramp... I mean "a nice lady" yeah right.

"Hey, you're up." my thoughts got interrupted when Hannah walked in the room holding my sleeping baby.

"Yeah. Good morning." is all i say realzing i have to leave.

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