Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


When the wind blew and my hair playfully laced with it, my fingertips started to tingle as it touches his face. The cream should have a soothing reaction on his face, but his expression turned into a freezing point.

His eyes were like orbs of blazing ice that give shivers on my body. It supposed to be the wind, but it was he who gives the greatest anchor for this frozen vibe.

It was like my fingertips were trying to break an ice sculpture. I was a sinful hammer that was trying to shatter it, but it was the hammer that ended up broken.

What am I doing?

I felt like a captured prey that was starting to get coated by a block of ice.


A frozen grip brought back my senses. He was now holding my wrist to stop me from applying more cream on his face.


I pulled my hand away from him, and I quickly stood from his beach bed, my back was facing him to hide from embarrassment. Did I look at him that long? How many minutes?

"Salary deduction."

Those two words made my confuse emotion waver, I turned at him with my irritated eyes.

"Are you serious? This cream is mine!"

"Still a salary deduction."

"For touching you? I was merely concern, boss! You kissed me, remember? You kissed me!"

My brain suddenly went fuzzy after that scandalous words. I was too annoyed at him that I didn't have an opportunity to filter my words.

Silence overwhelmed us. I was standing, and he was sitting, yet our eyes were still locked while trying to assess each other's expression.

I tried to battle with his eyes, but he was too expert on it that I almost gave up. How could he make someone shivers with coldness in his eyes, and at the same time, could send heat directly at heart?

Keaton Samonte, my damn boss, could make me froze and melt at the same time. It frustrates the hell out of me.

The wind continued whistling, the waves never ceased from dancing, and shadows and sunlight were witnessing this unnamed battle.

I was a bit stricken by my own words. I had a mental note after that incident that I shouldn't think of that kiss anymore. It had no big deal. But after I'd heard it from my own mouth, I'd realized that the thought of my vicious boss who had stolen my first kiss was still lurking inside my mind.

How could he cruelly deduct my salary if it was him who stole something from me in the very first place?

He wasn't expecting that I'd be blurting out the word kiss, even I was a bit staggered. But it came out already, and I would stand on that.

Akala ko ay tuluyan ko nang nakalimutan ang halik na iyon pero matapos kong mas mapalapit ng ilang minuto sa mukha ni Samonteng lamig hindi ko alam kung bakit bigla na namang naging sariwa ang insidenteng iyon.

That kiss was his threat to me when he heard how proud I was for ruining his future by kicking his balls. I hit his patience at that time, and to make it even between the two of us, he did something that I wouldn't undo no matter how I tried.

"I can't remember..."

I gasped in disbelief. How could he?!

Paano niya makakalimutan iyon? He ambushed me at the side of the plaza's stage, hindi niya ba alam ang kabang naramdaman ko noon sa takot na baka may makakita sa amin?

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