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I hope you enjoyed reading Keaton and Shanti's story the way I enjoyed writing it. It feels good to finish another story, and I actually got a teary-eyed when I wrote some of Keaton's thoughts. He's so fragile. Thank you for your endless support throughout the first installment of this series, and as we continue to unfold their mysteries, I'll assure you that you'll meet more princes with their most amazing version! Happy reading! Btw, I am also planning to write the stories of the powerful Dons of Enamel (First Generation).


The sirens of the police cars continued to ring in my ears. The clatters of the phones, the turning papers of criminal works, chatters of detectives, endless questions, an image of a surging storm, the big waves, the lightning, explosions, and a sinking ship never ceased to stop killing my mind.

"S-Stop it! Fucking stop it!" I shouted in pain.

I was in the corner of my darkroom, sitting with my folded legs, with my hands tightly covering both of my ears. I couldn't stop the noise, and it's getting worst as time goes by.

"S-Stop! S-top!" I tried to knock my head on the wall to stop the ringing of my ears, but that made it worst.  

Pictures of our parents in the middle of a storm with their out-strength hands begging for help and calling my name.

I shook my head.

"I don't want you to die...Mom, Dad. I was just trying to save you and Langston. He was too young... I just wanted to help..." I said between my tears.

My whole body was trembling with fear and anger as the information I heard from Secretary La Rosa started to flash on my head again.

"Your parents were sabotage, Keaton. Pinutol nila ang bakas na maari namin magamit mula sa mga magulang mo. They betrayed your parents to save their own life."

Hindi ko na alam kung sino ang paniniwalaan ko ng mga oras na iyon.

Was it staged? Paano kung ahensiya niya ang talagang pumatay sa mga magulang ko? I shouldn't have listened to him. I shouldn't have betrayed my parents!

"I'm sorry, Mom, Dad..." I muttered repeatedly.

I suddenly forgot about hunger, the feeling of tiredness, the sunlight, and the people around me.  As long as we're here in this far country away from speculations, Langston is safe. I don't mind living in this room filled with darkness and coldness of winter.

I was lying on the cold floor with my eyes fixed on the ceiling. How would Langston accept that I was the reason why our parents died?

I am a cruel brother.

A sudden knock on the door interrupted me. I thought it was the maid and her daily service of food, but when I heard another knock, my temper suddenly emerged.

I was about to scold the maid when I heard Langston's voice. "Kuya, it's snowing! Come out! Come out!"

I covered my eyes with my right arm. How could I face him? He was still a kid, yes. But his innocence is killing me. "Go away, Langston!"

Days continued to pass, and Langston became more persistent.

"Kuya Keaton, it's snowing again! Come out! Come out!"

"Go away, Langston!"

And then another day. "Kuya Keaton, the snow is beautiful today! Come out! Come out!"

"Go away, Langston! Bakit ang kulit mo?!"

And then another day again. "Kuya Keaton, ang daming snow today! It's so cold outside! But I met a new playmate! She is secretary La Rosa's baby girl! She's cute but she cries a lot! Come out!"

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