Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

3 AM Exercise 

My arms were both stretched upward as my hands tried to grab the stars scattered on the sky. It was too near, yet too far to reach. It was like jewels inside an opened box that glimmered endless on the reflection of my eyes.

I was like an infant who newly learned how to use her hands, happily giggling as she tried to open and close it.

"They are so beautiful..."

My body was helplessly hanging on someone's arms as my legs started to kick with excitement.

"I can't catch it! Why?"

"A-Ashanti, 'wag malikot! Mahuhulog ka na! Fixed your head, mababali na iyan sa katitingala!"

I didn't bother to entertain the voice. Instead, I tried to catch the stars again. But when I closed my hand, all I could have was my empty palm.

"C-Catch it for me, please..."

He stopped walking and glanced upward. "See... they are so beautiful..."

I saw how his adam's apple moved slowly as his eyes wandered on the sky. "I wish I could, Shanti. I wanted to give you everything... you know that..."

My eyes suddenly lost interest in the sky and went to something that hit my curiosity, and fingertips lightly traveled on his shoulders up to his neck.

"Y-You swallowed the star..."

His brows automatically crossed, and his head shook. "Seriously..."

He continued to walk and ignored all the questions I asked him. "Give it back, please... why did you swallow it?!"

Ilang beses na niyang tinabig iyong kamay ko. "Shanti! N-Nasasamid na 'ko!"

"Then give it back!"

He tried his best to make his eyes bigger to threaten me, but it didn't work. Singkit pa rin ang mata niya.

"Shut up, La Rosa. I am starting to get mad."

"I am also getting mad, S-Sergio!"

Dahil na niya kayang palakihin iyong mata niya, mas pinasingkit niya na lamang iyon habang iritadong nakatitig sa akin.

"I didn't fucking swallow it! And if I will swallow something, it's not a fucking star!"

I gasped and covered my mouth. "Y-You will..."

Naalarma iyong mga mata niya sa naging reaksyon ko. "I-I mean... after the wedding, of course..."

"Wedding?" I asked curiously. "Ikakasal ka na? You propose to someone else? Who? I am Marimar, Sergio..."

"W-What the fuck?! I am speaking with Ashanti! You drunken woman!"

"What's with the wedding?" nalilitong tanong ko.

"It's because of your reaction! I promised it. I will wait, of course..."

"What reaction?"

Nang sinalubong niya ulit ang mga mata ko, halos hindi ko na maipinta ang mukha niya. Ang hirap niyang kausap.

"W-When you covered your mouth and looked at me scandalized. I didn't mean to..."

"You will swallow the moon?"

Umawang na ang bibig niya. "Ibabagsak na kita, Ashanti! You are so drunk!"

"Hmm... sige ibagsak mo 'ko. Ikaw no more swallow me..."

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