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*Ash P.O.V*

So here I am the next day at pool staring at the water not moving from my chair while Nash and NyNy are having the time of they're lives...

"Uh excuse me ??"Someone said I looked up ah great cake face "yes??" I said "that's my chair"she said ...."Then take it"I said I picked the chair up and slammed it in her face like WWE cage fighting I'm kidding but I gave it to her "there you go now leave me alone..."I said she looked shocked and walked away with the chair I sat down on the spot on the floor ...."Hey partner in crime..."Hayes said sitting next to me "Hey..."

"Uh okay Ash what's wrong ???"Hayes asked


"Are you kidding me ...your always so fun and full of energy and crazy...and always in trouble .....since last night your a walking Zombie???"Hayes said

"I have a quite side 2...."

"No you don't Ash....so what's wrong...."Hayes asked

"I think I'm in..."I said but was cut off with a ball hitting my face o that's it I turned around cake face!?"What's is your problem I gave you the dam chair do you want the floor to stupid huh???"I yelled she smirked "I want you to stay away from Taylor..."She said wtf he is mine ......I gave her a Glare "o yeah make me stay away come on do it !!!" I said

"Because no matter what you do or say if I want him I will have him !!" I yelled at her she looked at me "He is mine "she said

"Dreams are good ..."I said then she stormed away "you better run because I don't share what's mine you stupid bitch...."I yelled then I froze I looked next to me and Hayes mouth was wide open ....and he was looking at something behind me I turned around and there stood Taylor with a shocked face in the doorway with the rest of the boys......Matt dropped the fries he was eating while Cam spit out his drink Jc was so shocked he tripped on thin air and then Aaron came in landing on top of Jc "whata Jc why would you lay down in the middle of nowhere ???"Aaron asked I stood there like a fish out of water and I turned to Taylor who looked like he just saw an old lady stripping I quickly got it together and started running out of the pool "why ???I always end in this awkward moments ..." I said while I turned Random corners...

*Taylor P.O.V*

What What What was that???she likes me back O....M.....G wtf okay now I just sound like a girls I still stood there shocked then Shawn hit me on my head "Snap out of it and go after her you idiot or should I go after her and while I'm at it ill marry her ..."Shawn said I started to run trying to find that blond headed beauty ...

*Important ...I'm sorry I keep update's so slow but I had a bit of kidney probs....uh no I'm not an alcoholic I promise ....but I do think my kidney goes drinking without me the sucker but please don't stop reading and share my book :) ....*

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