*Fish Ass*

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*Matt P.O.V*

"Shhhhhh don't be to loud Carter"*slap*

"Okay Cameron no need for violence"

"We don't wanna wake him Cam grab his feet"these people are so loud I'm trying to sleep can a dinosaur not get his sleep we are on paradise after all its suppose to be paradise ........"Okay 1 2 3 " *splash*

In this beautiful dream I am swimming in a pool of chocolates omg waters entering me whata hell that's not right

I opened my eyes and saw water and I screamed but was met by bubbles and water around me I swam up and saw Carter and Cameron having a laughter Tantrum ..."Haha Very funny guys real mature" they calmed down "says the one that made us look like lovers last night o by the way we are not the only ones out to get you"

"What do you mean you guys aren't the only ones ???I just pranked you guys??"

"Yeah but not the only ones you touched..."Carter smirked very Evilly..

"What do you guys mea...."

*Ashley P.O.V*

"Mattttt I see you ,you are so dead !!!!"

Finally found this fly I totally didn't forget last night when he kept throwing his legs ontop of me and Taylor had to push them off every time !!!!Nobody touches me accept Taylor Lautner!!!!!and maybe Tarzan ...but I will never admit that I lik...woaw I don't like him no ways Ash focus on your target yes right don't think of his eyes and smile and omg shut up!!

"Matt come here I will find you"

"I didn't do it I swear !!!I'm inco...wait what is it that I didn't do???"

"You kept throwing your legs over ME!!!"

"Whatttt no I would never right guys??" He looked at Carter and Cam "you totally would "they said ....."Guys!!!your suppose to help me"

"We are Where just helping you get your ass kicked by a girl that be a sight to see......and even better revenge"he tried to run with his wet ass but I Caught up to him tackling him "I'm sorry I'm sorry don't kill me aaaaaah someone help the dragon is attacking aaaaah"Matt yelled I quickly pinched him "what was that for !!"

"That's for calling me fat!!!"I took his arms twisting it behind his back and turning him around don't worry I won't kill or break him "Sorrrry owwwww aaah"

"Don't ever do that again okay Matt or this will be worse !!!"

"Okay okay Got it sorry never do it again !!!!!unless you would want me to I mean I am sexy and all "this boy is unbelievable


"Ooops shouldn't have said that I'm sorry I'm sorry !!!"

"Better Be" I got off I'm flipping my hair getting a nice applause from Carter and Cameron I put some extra attitude into my walk swinging my hips to "Dayuuuuuuum Girl "Carter yelled while I saw Aaron walking into a tree with Taylor smacking Aaron when he got up.... Guess I'm not the only Violent one wonder what Aaron did to him....


"Nyny!!!!"I have been trying to get her and Trash Nash to leave each other alone they are getting so Cheesy I'm melting here and getting lonely"What Ash What??!"

"I'm bored"nash started whispering in Nydeen's ear which made her giggle and look at me I gave him a glare and he smiled at me then Nydeen went and did same with him and they both started giggling and looking at me I am going to lose it really Nash took Nydeen putting her on his lap do they not see me???"Uhhm hello I'm still here??"Then Nash started whispering again with Nydeen turning around looking at me then giggling again you think you spend some time with your best friend but nooooo its ends up being a gossip show with her and lover boy "Hayyyyyesss "I yelled "Yes Stash Ash"Hayes came walking to me "Let's go fishing !!!"I grabbed his hand pulling towards The sea I stood inside the water while he was on a distance on the sand ....."Okay go find a shark then you drag it back here so we can feed NynY and Trash Nash to it..."Hayes looked at me Weirdly "I would love to but I would be eaten by the shark before I made it back"

"Okày then Hayes then just find a Fish"


"So I can beat the Fish out of them both"

Hayes looked pretty scared at something behind me "Ash get out of the water !!!Now!!!"Hayes Yelled "why???"

"Just get out Now !!!"I stared freaking out while I saw Jack J jumping of his chair running towards me "ASH get on the out of the water NOW!"Jack J yelled okay I'm freaked out I started running well trying with this water it looked more like I was slow motion running why did I have 2 go in this Far .....I was almost there when my foot got stuck in the water something was holding it back I screamed"Let me Go omg I'm sorry what ever I did 2 you I didn't mean it"jack J looked freaked out "Ash why did you stop come on "he was already half way reaching Hayes "I'm Stuck Jack!!!"There's only one thing 2 do I dived down"No ash No no do...." and tried to get this bloody string leaf thing loose against my foot but it won't budged I looked at the other side and approaching me was a beautiful unicorn o how I wish it was......

A freaking shark great with my luck the shark heard me and now he is here to show me that he won't do as I command and eat me instead he will take over the world with my ninja skills and free the donkeys!!! why why!!!I tried pulling hard and Faster when I saw other figures Jack J and Hayes was swimming 2 me Hayes Grabbed me by the waist pulling me while Jack J dived down to my level under water trying to help me get this stupid thing loose he got very frustrated and started going hulk on it seriously I saw him turn green for a moment it broke Hayes fell backwards with me but he quickly got pulled up by Jack J .....we reached the land in a Flash with all of us Gasping for air and trying to get some air in our longs ....I heard NyNy scream from a Distance and when we looked at the water it didn't give up yet this fattass Shark was still approaching us I couldn't find strength to move.....

I saw it coming closer and I closed my eyes Hayes and Jack J grabbed my hands but soon I felt something grab me pulling me towards some place I screamed but soon stop when I realize the Tingles all around my waist Taylor!!! I slowly opened my eyes to see Jack G grabbed Jack J while Carter Grabbed Hayes we where all laying on the sand searching for air while NyNy and the rest came running to us as fast as they could "Never Ever scare me like that again Ash I almost had a shit on my Royal Chair!!"Jack J said giving my hand a Squeeze "I think it heard your master plan Ash"Hayes said still a bit shocked we all looked at the sea seeing the shark gone "aaaaw I was hoping for some shark sushi tonight"Carter said looking Sadly at the water ...I gave both Hayes and Jack J hands a big Squeeze"Thank you" they returned the Squeeze with a smile we quickly got up I gave each of the boys a hug while Jack J and Hayes also Thanked Jack G and Carter with a bro hug I turned around smiling at Tarzan I quickly got on my toes giving him a kiss on the Cheek "tha..." Before I could finish my sentence I was tackled 2 the ground by NynY 'ooompfff'"I was so ready to kick that things ass if it swallowed you I will go Asian Ninja on his ass and I was planing on how I was gonna Barbecue his Tale .."I pushed her off before her Rambling continues I stood up "mmmmm "Nash helped Ash up and we all walked back our Camp site While Hayes And Jack J threw they arms around my shoulders "we make a pretty amazing team! That was some intense Fishing"Hayes said while Jack J replied "we do indeed"I smiled at both them "We make an Kick ass them and we totally know how to fish like Kings....." the old man came running past us with the old lady throwing him with bananas "YOU BURNED THEM BECAUSE YOU WHERE JEALOUS!!!!!"He ran Yelling "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THEY SLIPPED"

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